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ABIMAmerican Board of Internal Medicine
ABIMAngkatan Belia Islam Malaysia (Malay: Malaysian Islamic Youth Movement; est. 1972; Malaysia)
ABIMAnnual Biocontrol Industry Meeting (Lucerne, Switzerland)
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We are happy to let you know that we are extending this policy to include all other internal medicine subspecialties in the future," ABIM said in a Dec.
The ABIM Medical Knowledge Assessment Recognition Program is the process through which ABIM recognizes accredited continuing medical education (CME) activities for MOC.
The ABPN quickly sent out a statement proclaiming its differences from the ABIM, boasting of greater responsiveness.
The ABIM framework seems to be a standard as it has been used as consistent scaffolding for a number of students in different countries to define attributes of professionalism over the past decade (Quaintacne, 2008).
left her high-paying job as ABIM president, she took the helm of NQF.
The modified questionnaire consisted of a series of 12 statements incorporated from the ABIM scale where the participants reported on their peers and how they perceived the professional environment around them on a Likert type 10-point scale (0 being \'never\' and 9 being \'always\') and 5 scenario-based questions incorporated from the questionnaire proposed by Barry and the NSOMP which judged their individual levels of professionalism.
Our study uses a unique dataset that combines physician information from the 2000-2001 and 2004-2005 CTS Physician Surveys with information on residency program evaluations and board certification scores from the ABIM.
This will be a voluntary program; after physicians pass the exam, they'll be able to use ABIM as a professional credential, showing that they are board certified in integrative medicine.
Coinciding with a period when PAS was in the ruling National Front (BN: Barisan Nasional) coalition (1973-77), Islamic resurgence as an alternative voice to the dominant polity was steered by new movements such as ABIM, the Islamic Representative Council (IRC) and Darul Arqam.
The Comprehensive Care Practice Improvement Module would allow as many as 180,000 internists seeking to maintain ABIM board certification to send their performance data collected through that process to BTE and eventually to other payers.
Malaysia has become increasingly Islamized since the early eighties-- inspired first by the Iranian revolution and by then-Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad's charismatic deputy Anwar Ibrahim, who founded ABIM and joined the country's most powerful political party, the United Malays National Organization, in the 1980s.