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ABINAgencia Brasileira de Inteligência (Brazil)
ABINAustralian Biosecurity Intelligence Network
ABINAgricultural Biorefinery Innovation Network (Canada)
ABINAlabama Business Incubation Network (Florence, AL)
ABINAlaska Brain Injury Network, Inc. (Anchorage, AK)
ABINAmerican Bundestag Intern Network (Washington, DC)
ABINAquired Brain Injury Network (of Pennsylvania)
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Roshan Ullas (playing Vinay) and Nandu Anand (playing Abin), who were spotted through the reality show 'Naayika Naayakan', make their cinema debut with 'Ottam.'
Regarding the control of information flows, ABIN stands out with a Betweenness Centrality of 32.3.
Although she is a confident woman, she is docile and loving to Abin. But, if the situation demands, she will stand up to it," says the actress, who is also an MBBS graduate and pursued modelling before her big break in movies.
He said that during only one year, the National Program for Landmines Clearance has computed a big number of victims and injuries, totaling 418 killed in the governorates of Aden, Luhaj, Abin and Taiz, and 1775 injured with 380 killed and 512 injured in the governorates of Al-Joaf and Maareb.
Dentre as principais violacoes ocorridas em 2013, foram recorrentes as detencoes arbitrarias, incluindo detencoes para averiguacao-- pratica cujo uso foi comum no periodo ditatorial--; acoes violentas com o uso abusivo de armas menos letais e o emprego de armas letais; a presenca massiva de policiais trabalhando sem identificacao e de "P2" (11) nas manifestacoes; uma logica de censura previa, atraves do monitoramento das redes sociais para o controle de postagens de manifestantes, realizada pelas policias, pela Abin e pelo Exercito; entre outras.
Por evidente, as agencias de inteligencia (ABIN, CIA, NSA, etc.), embora possuam canais proprios de cooperacao, sua atividade e totalmente alheia (86) a finalidade da persecucao penal.
The Brazilian Intelligence Agency (ABIN) (2016) defines international terrorism (the one referred to in the present work) as incidents in which the consequences and ramifications clearly transcend national borders, that is, when victims, executors, location and means of perpetration involve more than one country or nationality.
The TNIP1-A20 complex then utilizes the ubiquitin-binding domain of ABIN and NEMO (UBAN, alias AHD2) within TNIP1 for the recognition of linear (Met1) and K62-linked polyubiquitin chains [48].
In this connection, Skrj abin wished to make use of
At Congress, the Intelligence Activity Control Committee--CCAI--composed of both senators and representatives, is in charge of overseeing and supervising ABIN's activities.
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