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ABINAgencia Brasileira de Inteligência (Brazil)
ABINAustralian Biosecurity Intelligence Network
ABINAgricultural Biorefinery Innovation Network (Canada)
ABINAlabama Business Incubation Network (Florence, AL)
ABINAlaska Brain Injury Network, Inc. (Anchorage, AK)
ABINAmerican Bundestag Intern Network (Washington, DC)
ABINAquired Brain Injury Network (of Pennsylvania)
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Jalal Baleedi was killed by a drone strike as he was traveling in a car with two others in coastal Abin province.
If you're a tea fan, then remember that COeeK-eeK abin also has a range of loose leaf teas from which to choose.
ABIN, Skogliga inventeringsmetoder i en kunskapsbaserad algforvaltning (Moose damage survey methods in a knowledge-based moose management).
What Abin did while spying on Iranian, Iraqi, and Russian diplomats, as well as monitoring a building leased by the US Embassy in Brasilia, "was totally different," she affirmed.
Embarrassment: Brazil's intelligence agency, Abin, admitted Monday that a news report saying it has spied on Iran, Russia and the United States was correct.
Ainda no que se refere a imagem, um entrevistado fala da sua importancia para assegurar a credibilidade junto ao cliente: "O fato de eu estar na FIERGS, de eu estar na ABIN .
Lo que ni la Abin (ojos y oidos secretos del gobierno) previo fue el subito tsunami popular invadiendo las calles del pais en pleno periodo de la Copa de Confederaciones, cuando se esperaba que todos estuvieran con su atencion puesta en los juegos.
ABIN, a leading UK modular building specialist, has achieved its objective of zero waste to landfill at its manufacturing centre in York a year ahead of its December 2013 target.
Waiting for new number plates Dear Sir, Gulf Times Further to the letter, "Delay in allotting new number plates" by Abin Philip (, January 28), I had a similar experience.
1) discussed without the background material on the Fang and Beti practitioners encountered under 'The Abin e for festival as performance' (Section 2.
Abu Ali, a rebel brigade commander, told Reuters in Aleppo he had rallied 400 fighters of the ABin Al-Aas brigade in response to Aug 8's army offensive in Salaheddine.
Beaudry and her partners, Vanessa Tabachak and Alexandria Wemigwans, all Wasse Abin High School students, got an opportunity to gauge the feasibility of their idea May 17 to 19 during the 11th annual E-Spirit National Aboriginal Youth Business Competition in New Brunswick.