ABIOAvian Biologist
ABIOAustralian Banking Industry Ombudsman
ABIOAi Bambini in Ospedale (Italian: For Children in Hospital)
ABIOArmy Broadcast Intelligence Office
ABIOApplied Biometrics, Inc. (stock symbol)
ABIOAssociation Bio Informatique Ouest (French: Bio Informatics Association West; Ille et Vilan, France)
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FA ha do lif ABIO BORINI admits he may ave to reassess his targets after a ouble-quick start to goal-scoring fe at the Liberty Stadium.
ABIO Capello allowed his ngland players to drink beer the night before their do-or-die match against Slovenia - and then watched them reach the parts they had not come close to reaching at this World Cup.
Twelve business leaders from across the patch - including representatives from Solihull companies' Abio and Academe Properties - got together for a brainstorming session with a difference.
F ABIO CAPELLO will pick up the phone to make the call he dreaded desperately hoping to hear some good news from Wayne Rooney.
Waldemar Pecholt, da secao de Botanica (plantas medicinais) do instituto, foram ofertadas as sementes de abio, ipe, pau d'arco, abrico do Para, perola vegetal, pau rei, malvacea, hernandia guayensis, bacopari, imburi, arica, anda-assu, cumaru, evea brasilense, oleo-vermelho" (Cruz, 1934).
Varios estudios sugieren un aumento de los gastos sanitarios en las proximas decadas, siendo una de las razones principales el proceso de envejecimiento de la poblacion que estan experimentando los paises desarrollados (Economic Policy Committee, 2001 y 2005; Kotlikoff y Hagist, 2005; Abio, 2006, entre otros).
The Army Broadcast Intelligence Office (ABIO) was chartered by the Department of the Army (DA) G3 to act as the Army's centralized manager for the Integrated Broadcast Service (IBS).
Aberdeen, ABIO 7QE, United Kingdom Table 1 The behaviour of share prices around the announcement date - bidder (hubris) sample Days AAR CAAR Std.