ABIOAvian Biologist
ABIOAustralian Banking Industry Ombudsman
ABIOAi Bambini in Ospedale (Italian: For Children in Hospital)
ABIOArmy Broadcast Intelligence Office
ABIOApplied Biometrics, Inc. (stock symbol)
ABIOAssociation Bio Informatique Ouest (French: Bio Informatics Association West; Ille et Vilan, France)
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ABIO also coordinated with the Distributed Ground System-Army (DCGS-A) TCM and program managers to ensure their Tactical Data Processors (TDPs) were able to receive and process IBS data.
The ABIO works to match new counter-terror capabilities with the global dissemination capabilities of the IBS.
The ABIO is working with the IBS community to establish a standardized broadcast data message format and a single family of radios (transmit and/or receive) that are interoperable with all of the Services and with designated "five eyes" Allies.
The ABIO works continuously to integrate and leverage the IBS broadcast to the Army's fullest advantage.
The ABIO is the Army's key agent for leveraging Joint and National level IBS investments to Army advantage.
As the Army and the ABIO identifies further IBS requirements via TRADOC's Joint Capabilities Integration and Development System (JCIDS) process, the Army will introduce additional IBS producers to include more informational and multi-intelligence systems, platforms, and soldiers who can provide survival information and intelligence across the full spectrum of conflict.
ABIO engaging with AMD, Aviation, Batle Command, and FCS to ensure support to operations.
ABIO working to inject Army-centric data and sources (such as Unattended Ground Sensors) onto the broadcast.
The ABIO tracks and works with these cross-programmatic IBS elements to ensure that the Army retains relevant use of IBS broadcasts in GWOT operations during the migration to IBS FOC in 2013.
ABIO CAPELLO intends to let his England squad take a two-week holiday ahead of their Euro 2012 quest next summer.