ABIOVEAssociação Brasileira das Indústrias de Óleos Vegetais (Portugese: Brazilian Association of Vegetable Oil Industries)
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Associacao Brasileira de Produtores de Oleo de Soja, ABIOVE. (2013).
(7) Aqui ressaltamos estudo da ABIOVE que demonstrou que 80% dos custos para obtencao do biodiesel se referem ao custo de materia-prima.
The latest criticism of standards in the soy industry came from a Brazil-based alliance, known as the Soybean Working Group (GTS), which comprises Greenpeace, WWF and Abiove, the Brazilian Oils and Fats Industry Association, which represents 11 companies that produce 72% of Brazil's soy.
The issue came to a head in June 2006, when Abiove and ANEC (Brazil's National Grain Exporters Association) established a soy moratorium for a period of two years, which committed them not to trade any soybeans that come from areas of the Amazon deforested after that date.
On July 24, the Brazilian Association of Vegetable Oil Producers (ABIOVE) and the National Grains Exporters' Association (ANEC), an industry group representing the world's leading soy exporters, agreed to a two-year moratorium on using soybeans from land that has been cleared for soy cultivation in the Amazon region.
"GM seeds save US$25 per ton of planted soy since they use less herbicide," said Fabio Trigueirinho, secretary-general of the Associacao Brasileira das Industrias de Oleos Vegetais (Abiove).
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Associacao Brasileira de Indutrias de Oleos Vegetais (ABIOVE), Informativo Abiove, ABIOVE, Brasilia, various years.
uses a postcard with a special gift offer (abiove) to lure back customers who haven't bought in a while.
O Brasil, segundo maior produtor de graos de soja do mundo, produziu na safra 2005/06 o montante de 53.053 (1.000 toneladas) de graos de soja, sendo que destes exportou 22.389 (1.000 toneladas) de graos, 13.889 (1.000 toneladas) de farelo e 2.595 (1.000 toneladas) de oleo (ABIOVE, 2006).