ABIRDAircraft-Based Infrared Detector
aBIRDAbhinav Bharat Institute for Rural Development (Pune, India)
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Atlas Copco's specialty rental business in the Netherlands will operate under the name Atlas Copco ABIRD for the next 18 months.
ABIRD of prey has suffered "serious" injuries after it was shot while out flying in Northumberland.
ABIRD that used to embody the spirit of the North's uplands has been placed on the danger list.
Its harmful effects are also evident the bedraggled pelicans and other abirds covered in oil, in the fishing oats whose only haul these days is ringing in bits of the slick, and in the espairing tales of the locals.
ABIRDS have a cloaca, through which they pass both urine and faeces.
ABirds are sensitive creatures and feather plucking is usually a sign of stress or boredom.