ABIRDAircraft-Based Infrared Detector
ABIRDAbhinav Bharat Institute for Rural Development (Pune, India)
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Swedish industrial productivity solutions provider Atlas Copco AB said on Monday (17 December) that it has divested its Dutch compressors rental company ABIRD Holding BV.
ABIRD of prey named Wonky was snatched by thieves during a burglary in Birtley, and the hunt is on to find the huge hawk.
A Atoad B A monkey C Afish D Abird A Veronica B Carolina C Perdita D Peronia 12.
A Thomas Hardy B George Bernard Shaw C Henrik Ibsen D George Meredith A American Football B Baseball C Basketball D Ice Hockey A A sheep B Abird C A lizard D A butterfly 5.
ABIRDS have a cloaca, through which they pass both urine and faeces.