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ABISAdaptivity and User Modeling in Interactive Systems
ABISAdaptivität und Benutzermodellierung in Interaktiven Softwaresystemen
ABISAndean Botanical Information System
ABISActivity Based Information System (software)
ABISAdvanced Battlespace Information System
ABISAdaptive Business Information Systems
ABISAsociación Boliviana de Ingeniería Sanitaria y Ambiental
ABISAmputee Body Image Scale
ABISAdvanced Battlefield Information System
ABISApplication Binary Interface Standard (ABI + Group for Intel Architecture)
ABISAuroral Boundary & Ionization Sensor
ABISAudit Base Inventory System
ABISAdvertising Bay Island Services (Russell Island, Queensland, Australia)
ABISAssuring Billing Integrity and Service Quality (UK)
ABISAdvanced Built-In Systems (California)
ABISAssociation of Burglary Insurance Surveyors, Ltd. (UK)
ABISAdvanced Business Information Systems (Houston, TX)
ABISAutomated Biometrics Identification System
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An abnormally low ankle:brachial index (ABI) following nonstrenuous exercise proved as prognostic for subsequent mortality as a low ABI at rest, Dr.
Identix' software-based ABIS biometric backend database creation and matching platform is being integrated into the Country's voter registration identity management program to create searchable databases from biometric images collected from registered and registering voters.
Identix, ABIS and FaceIt are trademarks or registered trademarks of Identix Incorporated in the United States and other countries.
Identix Incorporated (Nasdaq:IDNX) announced today that it has received a follow-up order valued at approximately $800,000 for the implementation and deployment of Identix' fingerprint ABIS biometric matching platform by an unnamed Country in the Middle East to upgrade and expand the Country's existing border security identity management system.
The ABIS biometric platform for this country-wide voter registration application is enabled with Identix' latest generation of FaceIt(R) facial recognition technology.
Identix' ABIS system provides a biometric knowledge discovery platform and search engines that enables users to harness the powerful identification and security tools encompassed in the unique physical characteristics of each individual that are inherent in biometrics.
The Country selected Identix' facial recognition-based ABIS biometric data-mining platform and search engines as the core of its National ID program to assist in national security efforts, as well as to provide a highly accurate, user friendly means of ensuring its citizens receive all the benefits to which they are entitled.
The ABIS System is Identix' advanced multi-biometric data-mining and search system, designed for integrators developing large-scale, one-to-many systems, with specific applicability to end user ID programs such as Passport and Visa issuance, National IDs, DMVs and large-scale enterprise employee ID issuance and verification.
The ABIS system is a web-based, facial recognition matching platform that enables large-scale identification solutions for government, law enforcement and commercial users.
The PABI, like the ABI, offers patients suffering from a genetic condition called NF2 an alternative to profound bilateral deafness," says Derald E.
ABIS is a web-based, enterprise-level, facial recognition matching platform that enables large-scale identification solutions for government, law enforcement and commercial users.