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ABISAdaptivity and User Modeling in Interactive Systems
ABISAdaptivität und Benutzermodellierung in Interaktiven Softwaresystemen
ABISAndean Botanical Information System
ABISActivity Based Information System (software)
ABISAdvanced Battlespace Information System
ABISAdaptive Business Information Systems
ABISAsociación Boliviana de Ingeniería Sanitaria y Ambiental
ABISAmputee Body Image Scale
ABISAdvanced Battlefield Information System
ABISApplication Binary Interface Standard (ABI + Group for Intel Architecture)
ABISAuroral Boundary & Ionization Sensor
ABISAudit Base Inventory System
ABISAdvertising Bay Island Services (Russell Island, Queensland, Australia)
ABISAssuring Billing Integrity and Service Quality (UK)
ABISAdvanced Built-In Systems (California)
ABISAssociation of Burglary Insurance Surveyors, Ltd. (UK)
ABISAdvanced Business Information Systems (Houston, TX)
ABISAutomated Biometrics Identification System
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Treadmill exercise ABI adds additional, important prognostic information on long-term mortality in patients with a normal resting ABI.
The DoD ABIS system is expected to be critical in providing accurate and fast identification of individuals in the field as part of the global war on terrorism.
Atick commented, "We are seeing strong traction for our ABIS biometric matching platform for integration into identity management solutions throughout the world.
Atick commented, "The deployment of our ABIS System to assist in preventing voter fraud is an excellent example of the power inherent in biometrics for knowledge discovery in the database creation and search process.
Identix began preliminary stage deployment of ABIS for this program in the Company's fiscal 2005 second quarter ending December 31, 2004, with the majority of the work expected to be completed in its fiscal 2005 third quarter ending March 31, 2005.
According to PCPA Technology Coordinator Chris Braun, this is the first statewide program to incorporate Identix' ABIS system to provide face recognition search capabilities against a statewide mugshot and booking database.
We anticipate that our first PABI patients may gain improved hearing benefits from the microstimulation of the brainstem with the new penetrating electrode array as compared to those who receive stimulation via the surface-electrode of the existing ABI," says Bob Shannon, Ph.
Atick commented, "The reception we have received thus far from current and target customers to our ABIS introduction has been excellent and supports our belief that ABIS meets a clear need in the large-scale ID market for an enterprise-level facial recognition solution.
Software, a leading provider of distributed systems management software for the UNIX and open systems market, announced that Unison Maestro is now the first UNIX job scheduler to support the MIPS ABI and ABI+ (the Intel ABI).
Physicians should consider measuring a patient's ankle-brachial index (ABI) following exercise if the patient was suspected of having peripheral artery disease (PAD) but had a normal ABI of greater than 0.