ABISTAutomatic Built-in Self Test
ABISTAutomatic Built In Self Test (IBM)
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This capability allows the automatic BIST (ABIST) and LBIST manufacturing sequences to be debugged on lab bring-up.
Seevastu Johvi lahedal asuvas Erra vallas moodustus analoogiline ebaseaduslik komitee uuesti valitud vallavanemast ja tema kahest abist (koik maatud), kuna koik teised varem valitud ametimehed jaid kuni korraliste valimisteni paigale.
BIST was described in a 1997 IBM research paper: "The BIST techniques can be divided into two major categories: logic BIST (LBIST) to test at-speed the logic in the devices and array BIST (ABIST) to provide at-speed testing of the embedded arrays (i.e., RAMs).