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ABITAutomatic Built-In-Test
ABITAirborne Imagery Transmission
ABITAirborne Image Transmission
ABITAirborne Information Transmission
ABITAssociação Brasileira da Indústria Têxtil e de Confecção (Portugese)
ABITApplied Business and Information Technology (degree program; University of Hawaii-Maui Community College)
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The statement released by the ABIT has revealed that the country has made US$ 1.
Draw for Saturday's pounds 2,500 final: 1 Turar Abit, 2 Presence Of Mind, 3 Little Jig, 4 Westmead Osprey, 5 Cunning Devil (m), 6 Lethal Freddie (w).
With abit of luck, it won't be the last time he comes over here.
ABIT looks forward to continue providing high- performance motherboards that can utilize Kingston's highest speed HyperX memory modules," added Smith.
Too much time has elapsed this season and Eric is getting on abit age-wise.
SomeMPs say it is abit rich that aman w ho affects to hate the House of Lords and its ``privileges'' should baskin them himself.
Aabybro Mejeri (Denmark) - Abit Scrl (Italy) - ABR Holdings Limited (Singapore) - Achile Bertrand Brossac (France) - Adams Food Ingredients Limited (UK) - Adelka AS (Czech Republic) - Adria Agim Mustafaji (Slovakia)- Agropec, Sarl (Algeria) - Ais-Krim (Russia) - Ajinomoto Frozen Foods Company, Inc (USA) - Akagi Nyugyo (Japan) - Akniet Ltd Sp (Kazakhstan) - Alamance Foods, Inc (USA) - Albert Srl (Italy) - Alesis SA (Greece)
Abit sticky going on but the neon pink looked great with smokey eyes and it was a good substitute for fake pink lashes.
MY WEEK Punting high Abit Irish at Exeter on Sunday.
AF: Can ye nae think abit yer belly laddie an start thinking abit th' opposition.
Added to the list of motherboards that have passed compatibility testing or otherwise support the Adaptec SCSI RAID 2005S and 2000S are products from Abit, Arima, EpoX, Giga-Byte, Intel, Iwill, MSI, Supermicro and Tyan.
My brothers took to me abit more, being the only daughter.