ABITEAntenna Built-In Test Equipment
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As it turns out, the weather wasn't too bad up north on Monday night and there was barely a flake of snow in Aberdeen when we stopped for abite to eat.
For example, Josiah Abite of Abarikpo learnt from Tom Eyo of Afaga, who, in turn, was taught to distil by Iso.
Just round the corner from the cinema is betrayal with abite. Nando's is a popular eatery on the strip.
Even the significance of the round shape changes, as Perceval's would-be seducer's round tent is interpreted in negative terms: "Li paveillons, qui ert reonz a la maniere de la circonstance dou monde, senefie tout apertement le monde, qui ja ne sera sanz pechie; et por ce que pechiez i abite toz dis he volt ele mie que tu fusses herbergiez fors ou paveillon" (The tent, which was round in shape like the earth's atmosphere, quite openly signifies the world, which will never be without sin; and since sin abides there always, she did not want you to be lodged outside the tent) (114).
Some couples will book abite to eat in Liverpoolthen enjoy a full day of relaxation andan overnight stay- and the city is bursting with new and exciting places to do either.