ABIWAbsolventen im Web (German: Advice on the Web)
ABIWAnother Brick in the Wall (from Pink Floyd 'The Wall')
ABIWAntwerp British and International Women
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Five products, ARBX, ABSH, ABIW, PLMP, and HC2, were found to have no effects on cancer cell growth, whereas M-G and Y-G showed significant cytotoxic effects (Table 2).
6 2400 <10 D-fraction (b) 60 200 <10 ARBX (1 mg/ml) (c) 100 ARSH (1 mg/ml) (c) 100 ABIW (1 mg/ml) (c) 100 PLMP (1 MG/Ml) (c) 100 HC2 (1 mg/ml) (c) 100 (a)Both "M-G" and "Y-G" are a mixture of [beta]-glucon and Vit.