ABJAAssociation of Bankruptcy Judicial Assistants
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More information regarding the certification program can be found on the ABJA website at www.
The agenda should be finalized in the next couple months and the details of the conference along with exact fees and registration forms will be available on the ABJA Web site.
The midyear ABJA Bankruptcy Certification Program will begin at 8 a.
One of the primary objectives of the ABJA is to develop educational programs for its members and the bankruptcy legal community.
Understanding that certification in a particular field can promote and maintain professional standards, our Continuing Legal Education Committee developed and modified, for non-lawyer persons, a Bankruptcy Certification Program," according to the ABJA.
According to the ABJA, bankruptcy law has developed into a very sophisticated and technical area of legal expertise.
To assist you in your professional development, the ABJA is offering the opportunity for you to become 'certified' as an assistant in the bankruptcy field.
The completed application will then be sent to Ann Virgadamo, ABJA CLE Committee, 501 Magazine Street, Room 741A, New Orleans, LA 70130, (504) 589-7886.
It is the hope of the ABJA to designate as many bankruptcy secretaries and support staff as possible as "Certified Bankruptcy Assistants.
The ABJA is a nonprofit organization consisting of secretaries/judicial assistants to U.
The ABJA Continuing Legal Education Committee developed and modified a "Bankruptcy Certification Program" for nonlegal persons, by gatherin information from the Knapp Designing Certification and Accreditiation Programs, which is associated with the ABA Accreditation of Specialty Certification Programs for Lawyers.