ABJAAssociation of Bankruptcy Judicial Assistants
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By modifying magnetic susceptibility values, a reasonable overlap of calculated and observed magnetic fields was achieved for physical properties that resemble those of the Taadikvere quartz monzonite, Abja quartz monzodiorite and Sigula gabbro-diabase intrusions (models 6, 8 and 9 in Table 1 and Fig.
Correspondence should be addressed to Abja Sapkota; abjasapkota@nmcth.edu
The ABJA, consisting of judicial assistants to bankruptcy judges and certified bankruptcy assistants, strives to promote and maintain professional standards.
The anorogenic rocks belong to the Fennoscandian Palaeo-Mesoproterozoic Rapakivi Province (Koistinen 1994; Ramo & Haapala 1995; Puura & Floden 1999) and include the huge composite Riga batholith, as well as at least five minor stock-like porphyritic K-granite plutons--Naissaare, Marjamaa (with its Kloostri satellite), Neeme, Ereda, and a quartz-monzodioritic Abja stock in SW Estonia (Kuuspalu 1975; Soesoo & Niin 1992; Soesoo 1993; Kirs et al.
Once certified, the participants have the opportunity to become associate members of the ABJA.
The mafic rocks from the Abja stock and Riga batholith (except for the anorthosites of the Riga massif) show Fe-rich tholeiitic compositions and plot on the boundary between the alkaline and subalkaline fields in the total alkalis versus silica diagram (Fig.
The Oepikodus evae Zone is commonly present in all previously investigated sections of Billingen age, both in North Estonian outcrop sections, and South and Central Estonian borehole sections, including unpublished core sections (Uuga, Maekalda, Jagala, Saka, Taga-Roostoja-25A, Kerguta-565, Ohesaare, Kaagvere, Karula, Abja).
The ABJA is a national organization chartered in 1989 and is open to secretaries/judicial assistants holding appointments by U.S.
Partly gneissic rock of the Muhu quartz-monzonite and Taadikvere granodiorite plutons of the Estonian basement shows a U-Pb isotope age about 1.83 Ga (Petersell & Levchenkov 1994; Petersell, unpublished data), whereas quartz-monzonite of the Abja pluton and granodiorite of the Marjamaa pluton yield a U-Pb zircon age of 1.63 Ga (Kirs & Petersell 1994; Ramo et al.
ABJA is a national organization created to encourage the highest standard of conduct and educate its members.
The argillite of the Plunge Member contains abundant ostracodes Vogdesella subovata, typical of the same unit in the Abja and Taagepera sections of southern Estonia (Meidla 1996).