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ABLAcademia Brasileira de Letras (Brazilian Academy of Letters)
ABLAirborne Laser
ABLAsset Based Lending
ABLAmerican Basketball League (defunct)
ABLAblative (grammatical case)
ABLAtmospheric Boundary Layer
ABLAbelson Murine Leukemia Viral Oncogene Homolog
ABLAllied Bank Limited (Pakistan)
ABLA Bug's Life (movie)
ABLAbove the Law
ABLAbove Baseline
ABLAllocated Baseline
ABLAmbler, AK, USA (Airport Code)
ABLAutomatic Brightness Limiter
ABLArmored Box Launcher
ABLAllegheny Ballistics Laboratory
ABLA Behavior Language (reactive planning language)
ABLAmmunition Basic Load
ABLAccra Brewery Ltd. (Ghana)
ABLAmerican Boat Listing
ABLAdvanced Bimetallic Liner (RC airplane construction)
ABLATLAS Basic Language
ABLArmée Belge Belgisch Léger
ABLAircraft Based Laser
ABL2-Acetylbutyrolactone (chemical)
ABLAdvanced Baseline
ABLAssured Billing Lookup (Accudata)
ABLAdministrative Boundary Lines
ABLAdditional Bypass Linking
ABLAbove Base Line
ABLAddress Block Locator
ABLAtmospheric Burst Locator
AbLArbeitsgemeinschaft Bäuerliche Landwirtschaft eV (Germany)
ABLActive Badge Location
ABLArmy Biological Labs (Frederick, MD)
ABLArea Business Listing
ABLAs-Built List
ABLAutomatic Bootstrap Loader
ABLArmy Battle Laboratory
ABLAutomated Base Locator System
ABLAcquire Before Launch
ABLAllocated/Above Baseline
ABLAccomplishment-Based Learning (Northern Vantage, Inc.)
ABLA Blockdiagram Language
ABLAtomic Boundary Layer
ABLAluminum Barrier Layer (tube filling)
ABLAdministration de Biens Laborde (French property management company)
ABLAutomatic Brightness Current Limiter
ABLAssociation Bibliothèque Lorousaine (French: Lorousaine Library Association)
ABLAssistance Bureautique Logistique (French computer company)
ABLA Beautiful Life (Lambertville, NJ)
ABLAlston & Bird LLP (law firm; various locations)
ABLAction Based Learning (various organizations)
ABLAdult Baseball League (various locations)
ABLAmaterska Bowling Liga (Amateur Bowling League)
ABLAcuity Brands Lighting (various locations)
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This year, the ceremony, which is organised to honour Ghanaian industries, was themed Rewarding Excellence and Innovation , and saw ABL clinching an award for the second consecutive year after receiving the award for Best Company Employer in 2012.
For businesses struggling to overcome the effects of the recent recession, ABL is providing a funding lifeline as access to traditional debt continues to be constrained.
Thomas VanCott, ABL's President, Chief Executive Officer and Principal Investigator of this contract says, "With this seven-year contract, ABL will continue to work closely with NIAID and the industry scientific leaders to advance promising technology for development of an HIV vaccine.
In order to enhance the learning experience of the Faculty students, UMaT will hold a seminar at the university campus under ABL support, and the expert technical personnel from ABL will share their knowledge with the participants at this meet.
Leumi ABL is well placed to meet the additional working capital requirements of businesses throughout the region.
The match for the ABL Super Cup is held between the holders of the Autumn-Winter Cup and the Spring-Summer Cup.
He further added that ABL Asset Management also has the distinction of being the only AMC in Pakistan to be ISO 27001-2017 Information Security Management System (ISMS) Certified.
To protect the principal amount of the investors, ABL AMC will place a significant portion of the investment in TDR with a minimum AA-rated Bank and / or DFI, and remaining amount will be placed in equity market or any other SECP permitted investments to provide better returns to its investors.
The ABL is all about opportunities for players and it's no different this season,' said ABL chief operating officer Jericho Ilagan.
Precision balances company Adam Equipment reported on Friday the launch of its new ABL series of semi-micro balances in the UK, parts of Europe and Latin America.
The COO highlighted the fact that ATM network of the ABL was by far the most reliable and widely used by public at large as demonstrated by the official usage figures released by the State Bank.
Tariq Mahmood, President andCEO ABL said, "We are excited to collaborate with an experienced partner like Mobilink to launch domestic remittance to usher in the branchless banking services and for furthering the national financial inclusion agenda.