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ABLAcademia Brasileira de Letras (Brazilian Academy of Letters)
ABLAirborne Laser
ABLAsset Based Lending
ABLAmerican Basketball League (defunct)
ABLAblative (grammatical case)
ABLA Beautiful Life (Lambertville, NJ)
ABLAtmospheric Boundary Layer
ABLAdvanced Business Language (software)
ABLAccidental Bowel Leakage
ABLAcuity Brands Lighting (various locations)
ABLAdvanced Blending
ABLAutomatic Brightness Limits
ABLAltavista Back Links
ABLAdult Baseball League (various locations)
ABLAction Based Learning (various organizations)
ABLAgrani Bank Limited (Bangladesh)
ABLAdult Basic Literacy (English as a Second Language)
ABLAbelson Murine Leukemia Viral Oncogene Homolog
ABLAllied Bank Limited (Pakistan)
ABLAlston & Bird LLP (law firm; various locations)
ABLA Bug's Life (movie)
ABLAbove the Law
ABLAbnormal Blood Lipids
ABLAbove Baseline
ABLAllocated Baseline
ABLActual Breaking Load (wires)
ABLAmbler, AK, USA (Airport Code)
ABLAutomatic Brightness Limiter
ABLArmored Box Launcher
ABLAllegheny Ballistics Laboratory
ABLA Behavior Language (reactive planning language)
ABLAmmunition Basic Load
ABLAccra Brewery Ltd. (Ghana)
ABLAmerican Boat Listing
ABLAdvanced Bimetallic Liner (RC airplane construction)
ABLATLAS Basic Language
ABLAlways Be Looting (gaming)
ABLArmée Belge Belgisch Léger
ABLAircraft Based Laser
ABLAllowable Buckling Load (transportation)
ABL2-Acetylbutyrolactone (chemical)
ABLAdvanced Baseline
ABLAssured Billing Lookup (Accudata)
ABLAdministrative Boundary Lines
ABLAbove Base Line
ABLAdditional Bypass Linking
ABLAddress Block Locator
ABLArbeitsgemeinschaft Bäuerliche Landwirtschaft eV (Germany)
ABLAtmospheric Burst Locator
ABLActive Badge Location
ABLAcquisition before Launch (US DoD)
ABLArmy Biological Labs (Frederick, MD)
ABLAutomatic Bootstrap Loader
ABLAs-Built List
ABLArea Business Listing
ABLAcquire Before Launch
ABLAutomated Base Locator System
ABLArmy Battle Laboratory
ABLAmaterska Bowling Liga (Amateur Bowling League)
ABLAllocated/Above Baseline
ABLA Blockdiagram Language
ABLAtomic Boundary Layer
ABLAccomplishment-Based Learning (Northern Vantage, Inc.)
ABLAluminum Barrier Layer (tube filling)
ABLAdministration de Biens Laborde (French property management company)
ABLAutomatic Brightness Current Limiter
ABLAssociation Bibliothèque Lorousaine (French: Lorousaine Library Association)
ABLAssistance Bureautique Logistique (French computer company)
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ABL FPF-Active Allocation Plan###September 03, 2019###85.5389###87.2497###85.5389
Cronin joins the firm from KeyBank, where he most recently served as head of ABL and Commercial Dealer Finance.
School by Design will continue to provide the same services to current school partners, now under the company name Abl.
If Bataan joins the ABL, it's likely Uichico will coach the team considering his extensive international experience with Gilas.
ABG and ABL's funding profiles are reliant on less stable funding sources, such as deposits from financial corporates, similar to other South African banking groups.
The free battery service, that is a hallmark of ABL, aims to ensure that the Pakistani car owners get the best output and longevity of their battery.
It is for up to eight antibody therapeutics including ABL's biologics pipelines and collaboration programs between ABL Bio and I-Mab Biopharma (I-Mab).
The ABL is looking to expand the league with two new teams by the start of the 2019 season, with Wollongong heavily favored to host one of the teams, and the second likely to be either a team based in Gold Coast, North Queensland, or Tasmania.
'This partnership with ABL Bio is a latest addition to our growing portfolio of global partnerships spanning from early stage projects to clinical assets.
ABL Islamic Asset Allocation Fund will operate under the guidelines of Al-Hilal Shariah Advisors Private Limited.
The central bank notified the public that the commemorative 'Pilipino,' 'ABL' and 'Flora and Fauna' coins in sets and in individual packaging shall remain legal tender up to April 30, 2019, only.