ABLLSAssessment of Basic Language and Learning Skills (education tool)
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Tables 4, 5 and 6 depict the acquisition of skills under each of the curricular areas of the ABLLS.
The ABLLS has two components, The ABLLS Protocol (Partington & Sundberg, 1998a) and The ABLLS Guide (Partington & Sundberg, 1998b).
Figure 4 provides an example demonstrating how The ABLLS target behaviors could integrate learning channels.
The behavior analyst must decide which ABLLS target behavior, terminal learning channel, supplementary stimuli and materials for each individual learner.
They advise users of The ABLLS to update the protocol and summary grid yearly.
A completed data collection sheet, Figure 5, appears for Yi-Wen who has begun to learn to label common objects, G2 in The ABLLS (see Figure 4).
A review of multiple data collection sheets would suggest a target time for updating The ABLLS.