ABLTAsset-Based Long-Term Care Coverage (insurance)
ABLTAdvanced Barcode & Label Technologies (Scottdale, GA)
ABLTAsymmetric Boundary Layer Transition (aviation)
ABLTAvocado, Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato
ABLTAndrus Boudreaux Lemoine Tonore (law office; Lafayette, LA)
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He said the intermodal marketing industry rates a "B" for overall performance, and ABLT intends to help raise the standard.
Orris said the ABLT group's annual revenues were $83.
The ABLTS also links with the Marine Corps' assault hose fuel distribution system.
Finally, the Eighth Army's "Fight Tonight" fuel distribution system, currently in beta testing in the ROK, connects to the ABLTS and ensures force fuel requirements are met during operations emanating from the coastline.