ABLVAir-Breathing Launch Vehicle
ABLVAbelson Murine Leukemia Virus (virology)
ABLVAustralian Bat Lyssa Virus
ABLVAmerican Bank of the Lehigh Valley (Allentown, PA)
ABLVAlexian Brothers Lansdowne Village (Missouri)
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The stakes are high for Latvia, whose reputation has been hit by the closure of ABLV last month, as well as the detention of central bank governor Ilmars Rimsevics in a separate bribery investigation.
The agency noted that ABLV Bank is the largest of the Latvian banks that primarily services non-resident deposits (NRD).
The ECB froze all ABLV payments after the allegations triggered an exodus of deposits.
Phylogenetic analysis of complete genome sequences, including representatives of all lyssavirus species, showed that sequences of the new non-RABV lyssavirus clustered with each other and had a common ancestor with ABLV and RABV in phylogroup 1 (Figure 2).
The ABLV's Cyprus unit is ABLV Corporate Services Ltd, registered in September 2010, and is a unit of the Riga-based ABLV Corporate Services Holding SIA, a subsidiary of the ABLV Group, according to the website of the Department of Company Registrar and Official Receiver.
Bernis also told the press conference that during the past three days, ABLV Bank received deposit applications worth more than EUR 420 million.
Global Banking News-February 23, 2018--Latvian financial supervisor denies panic over ABLV Bank
Recent firms to have signed up to use OneSumX for Regulatory Reporting include Miuzho Bank, ABLV Bank, Banco Santander and Bank BG?
Reactivity of 10 monoclonal antibodies against nucleocapsid protein of BBLV compared with 7 other lyssaviruses, Germany * Antibody RABV LBV MOKV DUVV EBLV-1 EBLV-2 ABLV W239.
First it was discovered that the financial authorities from the Treasury Department have accused ABLV Bank of money laundering financing terrorism.
Global Banking News-February 23, 2018--CEO says ABLV ready to renew payments