ABMAAmerican Boiler Manufacturers Association
ABMAAmerican Bearing Manufacturers Association
ABMAArmy Ballistic Missile Agency (Huntsville, AL)
ABMAAll Burma Monks' Alliance
ABMAAmerican Brush Manufacturers Association
ABMAAmerican Board of Medical Acupuncture
ABMAAviation Boatswain's Mate Association
ABMAAntibasement Membrane Antibody
ABMAAutomated Battle Management Aids (various armed forces)
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Tender notice number : GM MS TR CTO T5 EO 07 ZOOMLION DOZER ABMA
Scott comes to ABMA with 15 years of professional experience with Smith Bucklin, an association management company.
12) Economists often use these ratios as an indicator of financial development (see Rousseau and Watchel 1998; Xu 2000; Fase & Abma 2003; Rioja and Valev 2004; Rahman 2004, 2007; Hassan and Islam 2005; Shahbaz 2009).
3% (data to make this calculation were derived from Hamilton & Ventura, 2012 and Ventura, Curtin, Abma, & Henshaw, 2012).
The response from the ABMA on September 14 was decisive, the call for a nationwide pattanikujjana issued in the following form:
Ruurd Abma, chief executive, also said on Tuesday the firm was in talks with the Tanzanian government to build a gas pipeline and expected the negotiations to be finalised in the next three to four months.
Hassan Hamdan Al Alkim, Director General of RAK Economic Development Department, Mohammed A Al Mehrizi, Director General of RAK Customs and Ports Department, Ruurd Abma, Chief Operating Officer of RAK Gas, Jeff Hume, CEO of Black Marlin Energy, and a number of officials were present at the meeting.
Finally, Abma and Noordegraaf (2003) argue that certain public sectors may benefit from performance measurement systems, or accountability systems, more than others.
Likewise, older parents are more likely to experience a higher parity birth given that the likelihood of already having had one or more children increases with age (Martinez, Chandra, Abma, Jones, & Mosher, 2006).
Abma (2001) reports those adolescents' overall rates of sexual activity, pregnancy, childbearing are decreasing, and the use of contraceptive and condom use is increasing.
Following the frictions of early adolescence (Van Wel, Linssen, & Abma, 2000; Van Wel et al.