ABMAAmerican Boiler Manufacturers Association
ABMAAmerican Bearing Manufacturers Association
ABMAArmy Ballistic Missile Agency (Huntsville, AL)
ABMAAll Burma Monks' Alliance
ABMAAmerican Brush Manufacturers Association
ABMAAmerican Board of Medical Acupuncture
ABMAAuctores Britannici Medii Aevi (Latin: British Authors of the Middle Ages)
ABMAAssociate of the Business Management Association (UK)
ABMAAviation Boatswain's Mate Association
ABMAAntibasement Membrane Antibody
ABMAAutomated Battle Management Aids (various armed forces)
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Tender notice number : GM MS TR CTO T5 EO 07 ZOOMLION DOZER ABMA
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Pregnancy Risk Assessment Monitoring System is well suited for analysis of pregnancy outcomes because it collects annual, state-level data on maternal and child health, including intendedness of birth (Mosher, Jones, and Abma 2012).
Scientists at ABMA estimated the weight of five candidate materials: Refrasil-phenolic, fiberglgass-melamine, unfired ceramic, beryllium and copper to provide thermal protection for a proposed heat shield design.
Teen pregnancy rates were at an all-time high in 1990 but with the rising awareness have since fallen more than 50 percent, said Joyce Abma, a researcher at the National Center for Health Statistics, who co-authored the report with Gladys Martinez.
Psychological well-being can be increased through developing closer parental bonds (Amato & Sobolewski, 2001; van Wel, Linssen, & Abma, 2000) and physical activity such as sports (Edwards, 2006; Netz, Wu, Becker, & Tenenbaum, 2005; Pretty, Peacock, Hine, Sellens, South, & Griffin, 2007).
It stated, "The Department of Defense, the Department of the Army, and NASA, recognizing the value to the nation's space program of maintaining at a high level the present of ABMA (Army Ballistic Missile Agency), will cooperate to preserve the continuity of the technical and administrative leadership of the group.
Research indicates that caregivers of typically developing adolescents are an important source of information and can have a strong influence on teens' sexual attitudes (Diiorio, Pluhar, & Belcher, 2003; Martinez, Abma, & Copen, 2010; Miller, Benson, & Galbraith, 2001).
The ABMA provides a means to modify the L10 rating with "adjustment" factors, known as [a.