ABMADAkhil Bharatiya Manav Adhikar Dal (Indian politician)
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The story was told to me by Abmad and dozens of other 'Abbadis, some of whom were arrested on that day.
The king had identified him as a threat to "national unity," a threat to the king himself, and his "enemy till the Day of Judgment." In attempting to eliminate or marginalize the Palestinian constituency, Abmad had strayed beyond the royal example.
al-Sayyid Abmad al-Husayni and al-Sayyid Mahdi Raji 'Qum: Dar al-Qur'an al-Karim, 1984], 1:271-306):
Muhammad ibn Ahmad al-Ma'muri al-Bayhaqi al-As1, a1-Isfahani a1-Watan (200b/165a/154a) = Muhammad ibn Abmad al-Ma'muri al-Bayhaqi (fl.
This enjoyable article is divided into six parts: "Introduction," "The enticement of rhyme," "The black sheep in al-Khalil's barn," "The experience of excessive length," "The phantom of the abundance of metrical forms," and "The symbiosis of meter and rhyme." Reinert analyzes a fragment--published in facsimile by Abmad 'Ali Raja'i in 1974, on whose analyses he builds--of a tenth-century Khurasanian Persian translation of the Qur'an.
Qadi Abmad N[a.bar]t[u.bar]r, following Abu Zahra, repeated the mistake.
(29.) The work was edited and published in 1939 by Muhammad Kurd (Ali, as Sirat Abmad h.
It would seem that the popular zeal to obtain the Sahihs of Bukhari and Muslim and the musnads ascribed to the likes of Abmad b.
Abmad Saqr (Beirut: Dar al-[Ma.sup.[subset]]rifa, n.d.): 665; al-[Mas.sup.[subset]]udi, Muruj, 7: 345-46; al-Tabari, [Ta.sup.[contains]]rikh, 3: 1617-20.
Abu Tahir Ahmad ibn Muhammad ibn Abmad al-Silafi al-Isfahani