ABMIAsian Bond Market Initiative (investing)
ABMIAssociação Brasileira da Música Independente (Portuguese: Brazilian Association of Independent Music)
ABMIAcross Boundaries Multifaith Institute (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)
ABMIAccess Bellingham-Mendon, Inc. (TV station; Bellingham, MA)
ABMIAssociation of the Beverage Machinery Industry (Zurich, Switzerland)
ABMIAutologous Bone Marrow Infusion
ABMIAroostook Band of Micmacs (Maine; Native American group)
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The Midterm Roadmap 2019 to 2022 outlines the direction and major activities of the Abmi. The activities include the pursuit of the Asean+3 Multi-currency Bond Issuance Framework (Ambif) bonds.
"Vibrant local currency bond markets provide valuable alternative sources of funding for companies while borrowing in local rather than foreign currencies strengthens the overall stability of the domestic financial sector." Aside from being a contributor to the CGIF, the ADB is also the secretariat to the ABMI.
ADB is a contributor to the CGIF, acts as the Secretariat to ABMI, and has long worked with ASEAN+3 policymakers to establish AMBIF.
ABMI 2017 will be hosted by Matthew Winker, Co-Founder of Bloomberg News and Editor Emeritus, and Justin B.
Median ABMI over 18 months in the daily clinical practice group was -0.36 (-2.10-1.58) kg/[m.sup.2], versus +0.22 (-2.87-1.27) kg/[m.sup.2] in the RCT group, which is not a statistically significant difference (p = 0.69) (Figure 2).
Absolute Dominance (DoAi): DoAi = ABmi x DAi, where ABmi = average basal area of the species (ABi/ni); and DAi = Absolute Density of the species.
Essa estrutura contou com a atuacao coordenada do MRE e do MinC, mais a participacao de outros agentes publicos e privados como: a FUNARTE, a BM&A, a Apex-Brasil, o SEBRAE, a ABMI, de musicos autonomos e de movimentos sociais.
An example is East Asia, where the Asian Bond Market Initiative (ABMI) was launched to create a strong local currency-denominated bond market.
They also welcomed further enhancing the Asian Bond Markets Initiative (ABMI) as well as the successful start of surveillance activities of the ASEAN+3 Macroeconomic Research Office (AMRO).
In addition, the ASEAN+3 adopted New Roadmap+ in order to reinvigorate the Asia Bond Markets Initiative (ABMI) discussions and strengthen the region's bond market.
(4.) Annual change in GDP, chained volume measure, seasonally adjusted (Office for National Statistics, series ABMI): www.statistics.gov.uk/statbase/TSDdownload2.asp.