ABMMAmerican Board of Medical Microbiology
ABMMAmerican Board of Medical Management
ABMMAgribusiness Management and Marketing (college program)
ABMMAmerican Board of Medical Malpractice
ABMMAnti-Ballistic Missile Missile
ABMMAutologous Bone Marrow Mononuclear Cell
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Upon reviewing your application and approving your candidacy for the exam, ABMM will provide you with a packet of materials designed to assist in your preparation.
And so, to achieve recognition for certification activities, ABMM was formed.
The members and officers of ABMM previously served on the boards of the College and of the American Academy of Medical Directors.
Several members of the ABMM Board are veterans of the earlier examination process.
Our responsibility as members of the Board of Directors of ABMM is to ensure that eligibility standards and the certification examination accurately measure competence in and knowledge of medical management.
A longer term goal for ABMM is to gain formal recognition as a specialty of medicine.
Guthrie says that the College should not promote the ABMM as a panacea.
He believes that a key to the ultimate success of the ABMM will be the establishment of an educational base.