ABMPAssociated Bodywork & Massage Professionals
ABMPAmerican Board of Medical Physics (Houston, TX)
ABMPAmerican Bodywork and Massage Professionals
ABMPAfrican Broadcast Media Partnership Against HIV/AIDS
ABMPAssociation of British Military Parachutists
ABMPAgricultural Best Management Practices
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Two reports from Anchorage of groups of bats flying outside in January and February are low-confidence observations that could possibly be other taxa, but the presence of bats in the vicinity is verified by specimens (Parker and others 1997) and their occurrence in the area during the winter is supported by other high-confidence ABMP observations.
The bat in Kotzebue was reported by a wildlife education specialist with the Prince William Sound Science Center who has previously presented bat education programs for the ABMP.
Second, four agent types are selected and implemented to compete namely, ABMP (A) [15, 16], Trade-Off (Y) [9], Bayesian (B) [12], Mining (M) [18] and the proposed Bayesian-Mining (BM) Agent.
To compare the performance of the Bayesian mining approach, the agents using opponent modelling were compared with agents using the ABMP, Trade-off, Bayesian and mining strategies.
In 3-issue experiments (Figure 1), after 5 sessions, when the agent B applies Bayesian--mining strategy to negotiate with the opponent A following the same strategy, Bayesian, Trade-off, Mining or ABMP, it gets the distances of the final agreement to the Pareto Frontier equal to 0.
When agent B follows the Trade-off strategy, it reaches better agreement when the opponent uses the Trade-off, then the Bayesian, and lastly ABMP.
For example, when Agent B follows Bayesian mining and plays against an opponent Agent A which follows ABMP on 5-issue data set (Figure 10), Agent B utilities outcomes are (0.
For example, agent A which follows ABMP (Figure 6) on 5-issue data set gets session rounds (75, 57, 43, 35) vs.
Table 7 shows evidence that the descending rationality order would be Bayesian--Mining, Bayesian, Mining, Trade-off, and ABMP.