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ABMTAutologous Bone Marrow Transplant (cancer treatment)
ABMTAnti-Ballistic Missile Treaty
ABMTAtlantic Blue Marlin Tournament
ABMTAdult Bone Marrow Transplant (medical procedure)
ABMTAmerican Board of Medical Toxicology
ABMTAlcohol and Behavioral Marital Therapy
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Unexpectedly, participants in the short ABMT session had greater difficulty disengaging from threat after the session, compared with controls, Dr.
The Quickteller ABMT service allows recipients of funds to credit their accounts directly via the Quickteller website as well as the internet banking sites of participating banks.
In its early days, ABMT for breast cancer was considered an investigative therapy by many payers, and thus considered ineligible for coverage.
8] Yet, the "gatekeeper" for ABMT was not the FDA, charged with keeping unsafe pharmaceuticals off the market, but insurers, who by contract had no obligation to provide coverage for "investigational" treatments.
This legislation is the next step in a process that began a year ago when, as a board member for the California Public Employees Retirement System, I led the move to expand ABMT coverage to the more than 400,000 women insured by CalPERS.
which evaluated the efficacy of ABMT for severe anxiety disorders.
HDC's Image Problem The percentage of women who recalled new reports of HDC with ABMT as "positive" Those with a history of cancer 32% Those touched by cancer [*] 60% Those untouched by cancer 74%
Despite years of ongoing clinical trials, there exists a lack of demonstrated overwhelming medical benefits from ABMT that would help move It from the controversial to the routine.
In addition to QNB s existing regular international transfer facility, ABMT is an innovative service where customers can conveniently send money fast, anytime, anywhere.
As I am privy to data from clinical studies performed in China, which demonstrated superior biocompatibility and controlled biodegradation profiles of the polyamide (PA) biomaterial used in their fixation screws, I believe that ABMT products can lead to better bone integration and less complications.
The launch of the service with SPDBank will mark the first time ABMT services are available in China.
Bank of Beirut along with Western Union has introduced a new service - ABMT (Account Based Money Transfer) that will allow Bank of Beirut clients to get Western Union money transfers through the online banking platform directly to their accounts.