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ABMTAutologous Bone Marrow Transplant (cancer treatment)
ABMTAnti-Ballistic Missile Treaty
ABMTAtlantic Blue Marlin Tournament
ABMTAdult Bone Marrow Transplant (medical procedure)
ABMTAmerican Board of Medical Toxicology
ABMTAlcohol and Behavioral Marital Therapy
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Since anxiety is considered to play a major role in the development and maintenance of eating disorders, ABMT should be widely used in patients suffering from such disorders (Renwick et al.
Unexpectedly, participants in the short ABMT session had greater difficulty disengaging from threat after the session, compared with controls, Dr.
The Quickteller ABMT service allows recipients of funds to credit their accounts directly via the Quickteller website as well as the internet banking sites of participating banks.
ABMT is also a service that may attract formally unbanked consumers to become banked and fully integrated into the formal financial system, thus taking financial inclusion to the next level.
Ultimately, five major randomized trials showed that ABMT offered no survival advantage over standard-dose chemotherapy.
And US arms negotiators, who are trying to persuade the Russians to amend the ABMT to permit construction of a limited antimissile system, have acknowledged that the existence of such a system might force the Russians to adopt a "launch on warning" posture- under which Moscow, concerned about US antimissile defenses, would fire its nuclear missiles the moment it detected (or thought it detected) a launch from the US side.
The debate regarding the efficacy of and insurance coverage for ABMT for breast cancer has been raging since the widespread dissemination of ABMT in the early 1990s.
One widely cited study reviewed 533 breast cancer patients in clinical trials who requested coverage for ABMT from 1989 through 1992.
4] The National Cancer Institute authorized four randomized clinical trials for ABMT in advanced breast cancer in 1991 (with support from TEC), but these results would not be available for some time.
If the independent review panel determines that the patient should receive ABMT, then the HMO or health insurer must cover it.
11) Sixteen other courts over the past two years have also ruled that ABMT is not experimental, and they have ordered private insurers to pay the costs of administering it to terminally ill cancer patients, most often for metastatic breast cancer.