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ABNERA Biomedical Named Entity Recognizer (molecular biology software)
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Dick had put in the crop before he went, and old Abner looked after it.
Old Abner Moore died soon after Dick was brought home and it was found he was almost bankrupt.
To an Abner end user, the three databases are invisible; that is, the databases form a back-end to the Web interface described in the previous section.
Initially, after graduating in 1996, Abner had difficulty landing a job, but eventually she nabbed a spot as a program coordinator at Directions for Youth in Brooklyn, New York.
History recognizes Abner Doubleday as the father of baseball and Abner Graves as creator of the first stitched-cover baseball.
Congressman Abner Mikva and his wife Zoe, a lifelong education activist.
Rather than relocating into a new building, which would have incurred a slew of relocation costs, Abner Properties retained their tenant on an expanded basis.
The most enjoyable performances were generated by a feisty, pipe-chomping Cathy Rigby as Mammy Yokum, and Eric Martsolf as her strappin' boy, Li'l Abner.
Li'l Abner Glenn Lawrence Daisy Mae Christeena Michelle Riggs Marryin' Sam Trent Armand Kendall Mammy Yokum Andrea Wolff Pappy Yokum John Shuman Earthquake McGoon Curt Buckler General Bullmoose William McCauley Appassionata Von Climax Michele Ragusa Hairless Joe Paul Aguirre Dr.
But one day both the Socksnatcher and the human household turn chaotic when Abner Socksnatcher breaks the rules and brings back a pair of clean socks--and worse, the cat discovers their secret hidey-hole
By supporting civil unions for gay couples--which, practically speaking, is the cutting-edge issue in the battle for equality--President Bush has become a leading advocate for gay rights," insisted Bush administration official Abner Mason in the December 21 issue of The Advocate, the leading "gay rights" journal.
Pulsing in rhythm to the music, the intentionally fuzzy projections by collagists John Abner and Theodore A.