ABNNAmerican Board of Neuroscience Nursing
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AANN has participated in validating NIC since its inception, and this document has served as the basis for ABNN's last two RDSs, conducted in 1997 and 2001.
The trustees of ABNN selected a task force of subject matter experts.
On March 30, 2005, ABNN e-mailed the survey to 3,158 current AANN members and nonmember CNRNs with known e-mail addresses.
Other avenues for increasing response include posting a link on the AANN and ABNN Web sites and sending announcements to the discussion lists hosted by AANN.
About ABNN. Retrieved February 9, 2006, from www.aann.org/credential/about_ abnn.htm.
ABNN designated a task force for the current role delineation study, which was completed in 2001.
The 1986 ABNN study used a geographically selected sample of 226 CNRNs chosen from a total of 746 CNRNs (Nowin & Ozuna, 1988).
The task force chair's contact number was listed as a resource, and the ABNN president endorsed the survey.
Upon completion of the statistical analysis, CAT presented its findings to the ABNN Role Delineation Task Force for review.
This is the third role delineation study conducted by ABNN.
The neuroscience nurses' core interventions from NIC (Table 1), with the exception of transcutaneous nerve stimulation (TENS), were included in both the current role delineation study as well as the previous study conducted by ABNN (Stahl, 1998).
ABNN and AANN provided financial and logistical support.