ABNSAmerican Board of Nursing Specialties
ABNSAmerican Board of Neurological Surgery
ABNSAmerican Baptist News Service
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While not entirely satisfied with the proposed ABN, groups representing lab operators are encouraged by the recent revisions.
In addition, groups representing lab operators are pleased that the proposed ABN is only one page in length.
As it now stands, many labs have the ABN printed on their test requisitions.
Before the meeting with HCFA, the coalition sent Hash a letter expressing its surprise about the proposed ABN and the fact that members of the coalition were not asked for their views on it.
The coalition hoped to persuade HCFA not to send this particular ABN to the Office of Management & Budget without first making the changes they requested.
As it now stands, the draft ABN is in the final review process and is expected to be sent to OMB, Nevertheless, the coalition still expects to have "an opportunity to make our case to OMB about the changes that we think are needed," says Glisson.
The situation is mired in legal controversy as a Dutch court ruled last week that ABN had been wrong to offer LaSalle without first consulting its shareholders.
Sir Fred Goodwin, chief executive of RBS, and his European consortium counterparts from Santander and Fortis met the chief executive and chairman of ABN at a dinner on Friday in an attempt to find a way through the minefield.
It proposes that the consortium make a formal cash bid for LaSalle, but with the proviso that it can go ahead only if the ABN Amro board recommends a separate approach for the whole of the Dutch group.
One of the recent changes indicates that providers are allowed to give beneficiaries a single ABN for an extended course of treatment.
AAB members believe this change is needed because some nursing home patients are not always competent to sign the ABN each time a lab test is required.
CMS also indicates that the new general ABN (CMS-R-131-G) may be used for most situations, including laboratory tests.