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The Akan sayings Wo bu koto kwasea nyame hye woto (literally, if you cheat the crab your nakedness is exposed before God) and Aboa oni dua nyame na pra no ho (God is the protector of tail-less animals) attest to the idea that non-human forms of life do not merely exist for human consumption.
(44) Loucoumane Coulibaly and Ange Aboa, "Ivorian Forces Kill
In such situations, the Akan of Ghana would say, Aboa a onni dua, Onyame na opra no ha (It is God who drives the flies off the body of the tail-less animal).
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This is reflected in the Akan saying, "onipa nnye aboa"--man is not an animal.
(80) Ange Aboa and Loucoumane Coulibaly, "Ivory Coast's
ABOA constrictor snake played a starring role an in a school assembly launching a charity appeal.
Catechist Aboa Offei of the Grace Presbyterian Church at Akropong-Akwapim is widely acclaimed for his "healing and deliverance" ministry, and the Methodist Church has also revived its camp meeting tradition through which considerable attention is given to the phenomenon.