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ABOARDAdvisory Board on Autism and Related Disorders (Pittsburgh, PA)
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You came aboard voluntarily, and you may take the consequences.
They took him aboard the Marjorie W., and there they fed and nursed him.
(while the Captain won unto him the greater party) was convoyed aboard the General Don Alfonso Bacan.
When the prisoners were aboard, Ja brought the felucca alongside our dugout.
But to the left the first heads were popping up from below on another junk, and I rounded up the Reindeer alongside long enough for George to spring aboard.
All these defects have been remedied in later models; but the knowledge did not help us any that day aboard the slowly settling Coldwater, with an angry sea roaring beneath, a tempest raging out of the west, and 30d only a few knots astern.
Every man aboard, with the exception of Johansen, who is rather overcome by his promotion, seems to have an excuse for having sailed on the Ghost.
"They carry caviare and certain very noble spices from the Levant aboard of ships from Genoa," quoth Sir Oliver.
To these questions they would answer, that he was getting better and better, and was expected aboard every day; meantime, the two Captains, Peleg and Bildad, could attend to everything necessary to fit the vessel for the voyage.
I says to myself, if he finds out I'm aboard this boat, he's got me like a rat in a trap.
Aboard ship he carried his crutch by a lanyard round his neck, to have both hands as free as possible.
"Your sailors began to haze the poor devil as soon as he came aboard."