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ABORTAdaptive Beamformer Orthogonal Rejection Test
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Under the recently signed agreement, the primary objective is to complete design, development, test and qualification of the abort motor.
Later, the Immigration Bureau officials raised questions about the permission and asked the airline to abort the take off" sources told M AIL T ODAY .
The ability to abort from a launch or pad emergency, and safely carry crew members out of harm's way, is a critical element for NASA's next generation of crewed spacecraft.
I wanted to abort but the doctor didn't support my decision," Aveiro revealed in her recently launched autobiography.
Aveiro admitted that Ronaldo told her when he found out and told her that she wanted to abort and now he was the one who was pulling the purse-strings in the house.
Every pilot has their specific high-speed abort criteria that we mentally (or verbally for D and F models) recite as we cross the holdshort.
countered her claims and contended: "We had consensual sexEoACA* I did not force her to abort the foetus or brandish a knife in her face.
He threatened to kill her if she did not voluntarily abort the baby.
PARIS AIR SHOW -- Lockheed Martin (NYSE: LMT) announced today that two launch abort system (LAS) motors for NASA's Orion crew exploration vehicle are now in place at White Sands Missile Range, New Mexico for integration and preparation for the first flight test, known as Pad Abort 1.
Pregnant ewes will ocasionally abort one lamb to save another - but few enjoy such narrow escapes from the butcher's knife.
Capt Hall flawlessly executed the F-117 Abort Critical Action Procedure (CAP), by bringing the throttles to idle, deploying the drag chute, and applying the brakes.
The abort system will be a rocket system, including a solid rocket booster and crew module, that will sit at the very top of the launch stack.