ABOTAl Basrah Oil Terminal
ABOTAssessment of Water Balances and Optimisation (Italy)
ABOTAllston Board of Trade (Allston, MA)
ABOTAgree-Build-Operate-Transfer (aquaculture)
ABOTAssociation Board of Trustees (Association of Clinical Research Professionals)
ABOTAutomatic Box Opening Technology
ABOTAsynchronous Branch Office Tunnel (Nortel)
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We want to go homes and start cultivating crops with our hands", Abot said Tuesday.
One of the maxims of Rabban Gamaliel is included in the first chapter of the tractate Abot of the Mishnah: "Rabban Gamliel says: Set up a master [rav] for yourself, avoid doubt.
Just the other evening, she told me how much she cherishes a rap song written in her honor by Jojo Abot and HIP HOP SAVES Lives: "New Dawn for Ruth Lubic.
What abot Struga, Dojran, Prespa, Mavrovo, Pelister, Berovo and other Macedonian centers that have touristic potential?
com in 2009 for abot $100 million which had created many fashion e-commerce websites like Covet.
Abot 50 per cent children aged 5 to 15, are out of schools.
Armed civilians are killing people for a small gain, not because they have a political vision," added Hoth, speaking at the launch of a book he co-authored with Kuol Deng Abot, the director of the south's security and intelligence agency.
A source said: "Fans were suspicious because of all the publicity abot Sanata Catalina.
A United King Films release of an Abot Barkal, Talisma production with the support of the Israel Film Fund, Yes.
17, and scribal methods in Matthew and Mishnah Abot.
Furious Jamie lets his temper get the better of him as he confronts Aussie visitor Jonty (former Neighbours star mark Little) abot his kiss with Louise - and the couples future is thrown into doubt when she announces her plan to leave the village