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ABPAAllergic Bronchopulmonary Aspergillosis
ABPAAmerican Backflow Prevention Association
ABPAAuto Body Parts Association (formerly Aftermarket Body Parts Association)
ABPAAssociation of Black Princeton Alumni
ABPAAmerican Benefit Plan Administrators (El Monte, CA)
ABPAAutomotive Body Parts Association (Houston, TX)
ABPAAmerican Book Producers Association
ABPAArizona Book Publishing Association
ABPAActivity Based Profitability Analysis
ABPAAdvanced Bio-Photon Analyzer
ABPAArbutus Business and Professional Association (Arbutus, MD)
ABPAAutomotive Bright Products Association
ABPAAftermarket Body Parts Association (now Auto Body Parts Association)
ABPAAdventist Business and Professionals Association
ABPAAir Booster Pump Assembly
ABPAAdvanced Base Personnel Administration
ABPAAgricultural Bioterrorism Protection Act of 2002
ABPAAlberta Black Powder Association
ABPAAdenosine Binding Protein Assay
ABPAAtlantic Bovine Practitioners Association (Canada)
ABPAAlberta Block Parent Association (Canada)
ABPAAbove and Beyond Patriot Award (National Vietnam Veterans Art Museum)
ABPAAspergilliosis, Broncho-Pulmonary Allergy
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ABPA olgularinin erken evrede saptanmasi hastaligin ilerlemesini onleyebileceginden tedaviye direncli astimli olgularda deri testi yapilmalidir.
Historically the treatment of ABPA has been oral corticosteroids.
The patient was diagnosed as ABPA due to prior asthma disease, eosinophilia, elevated serum IgE levels, central bronchiectasis and positive reaction to skin Prick test for Aspergillus antigens.
Because IgG values in patients with aspergillosis and ABPA were comparable (Table 1) and because these are the medical conditions typically associated with the presence of antigen-specific antibodies, these 2 groups were taken together.
Here we present a case of ABPA coupled with an unusual pneumonia.
Table 2 shows the results for analysis of dilutions of a urine sample with an adenosine concentration of 311 nmol/L, as determined by HPLC and ABPA and then diluted in 20 mmol/L Tris-40 mmol/L HEPES, pH 7.
FIS' Claim Pay/Claim Remit system provides the process, security and technology to help clients such as ABPA efficiently and cost-effectively coordinate both paper and electronic payment and remittance distribution through a single processing and reporting interface.
In an effort to raise product quality standards not only for its own business, but also for the entire Chinese beauty products industry, Jumei helped establish the ABPA in July 2013, making it the first nationwide alliance against fake and counterfeit products in the beauty industry.
Lee Tai Ho, Deputy General Manager for the Cosmetics Marketing Department at Whoo, commented, "We are thrilled to have the opportunity to cooperate with Jumei in joining the ABPA.
ABPA, which includes China Quality Long March, one of the most influential national organizations focusing on product quality, allows customers to trace products to their source on the ABPA website and on websites of participating brands, using tracking codes printed on ABPA stickers.
The ABPA vowed to challenge the company's false assertions by undertaking additional testing of Ford components and making its findings public.