ABPCAmerican Book Prices Current (Washington, CT)
ABPCAssociação Brasileira dos Produtores de Cal (Portugese: Brazilian Lime Producers Association)
ABPCAgaricus Blazei Practical Compound
ABPCAmerican Book Publishers Council
ABPCAmerican Board of Professional Counselors
ABPCAB Patterson College (Gold Coast, Australia)
ABPCAmbulatory Blood Pressure Control
ABPCAssociated British Picture Corporation (TV & Motion Picture company; Elstree, Herts, UK)
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214) R v Caron, 2008 ABPC 232 at paras 7074, 450 AR 204.
Partial synergisms between [alpha]-mangostin and the commercially available antibiotics ABPC, GM, MINO and FOM were observed, and their FIC indices were calculated as 0.
The statement enunciated seven basic propositions that placed the defense of the freedom to read squarely in the public interest-and echoed familiar strains of belief in the critical judgment of citizens (ALA and ABPC, 1953).
The ABPC of microbes obtained from 60 liters of air onto one plate containing PCA was converted to ABPC per cubic meter as follows:
The ABPC entered into negotiations with the feds for funding to repair and upgrade the facilities in lieu of the government having to spend the money to demolish the buildings.
The lease we had in place (with Bombardier) was always 12 months out," says ABPC chairman Dave Butti, "out to 2006 and indefinitely.
ABPC received a major financial boost in early September with $500,000 in FedNor funding to improve and market its Aerospace Centre property, the site of some former Canadian Forces Base hangars.
Second, the claim was prima facie meritorious, as by that time Caron had actually succeeded on his claim at provincial court (see: R c Caron, 2008 ABPC 232).
ABPC bought 26 acres at the industrial park, 19 of which is earmarked for Goodyear Canada to build an 80,000-square tire retread plant for a fall opening.
Theroux (2001 ABPC 213), a taxi driver was awarded tips as part of his compensation.
Don't let the name Air Base Property Corporation fool you," quipped ABPC chairman Dave Butti.
Now Vic Fedeli, chairman of ABPC, and the ABPC commitee members are considering the potential for a greenfield expansion that might carry over into 2003.