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ABPSAmerican Board of Plastic Surgery
ABPSAmerican Board of Podiatric Surgery
ABPSAmerican Board of Physician Specialties (Tampa, FL)
ABPSAmerican Board of Psychological Specialties
ABPSAutomatic Blood Pressure System
ABPSAir Breathing Propulsion System
ABPSAutomated Barrier Plan System
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1 shows the CDFs for modal populations of female athletes for the ABPS data obtained after 2006.
Because many of the black Baptists in Texas and throughout the South had been educated in ABHMS-sponsored Freedman Schools and because the ABHMS had not supported slavery in the Baptist schism of 1845, Boyd's publishing venture not welcomed by the TNBC whose members did not want to break from the ABPS.
Both medical doctors (MDs) and doctors of osteopathy (DOs) can earn board certification from the ABPS.
If the podiatrist is not certified by ABPS, the attorney should ascertain whether the podiatrist has failed the ABPS certification exam or whether the podiatrist does not meet the criteria for certification by ABPS.
14 kg) were randomly allotted to one of four treatments by initial BW in a 2 x 2 factorial arrangement that included a dietary addition of ABPS (0 or 500 mg/kg) and LPS challenge (with or without).
com)-- Stanley Gibbons is pleased to announce that they have agreed to a deal to become headline sponsor of the ABPS Philatelic Congress of Great Britain and associated Roll of Distinguished Philatelists (RDP) Signing Ceremony for the next five years.
33) The BCNPC, still holding to its dream of SBC affiliation, recommended support of the HMB in 1899, but its pro-SBC base was dwindling as the same convention recommended use of both SBC and ABPS material for the first time.
Newman is certified by the ABPS, and is a member of the ASPS and the ASAPS.
Anniversary Report of the ABPS, 1901," Springfield, Mass.
For many years, black Baptists had purchased their denominational material from the ABPS, but the lack of black representation in the authorship of the material troubled some African Americans.