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ABQAlban Berg Quartet (string quarter; Vienna, Austria)
ABQAssociação Brasileira de Química (Portugese: Brazilian Chemical Association)
ABQAmerican Brass Quintet (New York City, Juilliard School residence)
ABQA Better Quality
ABQAssociation des Biologistes du Québec
ABQAlbuquerque, NM, USA - Albuquerque International Airport (Airport Code)
ABQAmerican Builders Quarterly (construction publication)
ABQAssociation des Brasseurs du Québec (Québec Brewers Association - Canada)
ABQAssociation des Bibliothécaires du Québec (French: Quebec Librarians Association; Canada)
ABQArmy Brass Quintet (US Army)
ABQAlways Be Questioning
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Funding and liquidity profiles across the banks have therefore changed, in particular at banks with a higher reliance on foreign funding (CBQ, QIB, AKB, ABQ, and DB).
When the farm fell back into their family's hands, Certain and his brother Juan opened Villa Myriam in downtown ABQ, importing their own beans.
Named after Alberquerque, where the smash TV series was based, ABQ describes itself as an 'immersive molecular cocktail bar' where you'll get to cook your own boozy creations.
Catholics were active in the Respect ABQ Women campaign opposing the ballot measure, and this support was reflected in radio ads, print advertisements in local papers and on social media.
Basketball Clinic The New Mexico Department of Veterans Affairs Health Care System, along with the ABQ Kings Wheelchair Basketball Team and the Bernalillo County Recreation Department in Albuquerque, N.
As for the contracting sector, ABQ had seen the maximum exposure jump of 98% to QR1.
En cuanto a la variable de percepcion del esquema corporal, destaca la correlacion lineal positiva en relacion con las tres escalas del ABQ que parece implicar un problema psicologico anadido a los ya conocidos y relacionados con el sindrome.
4] The ABQ is a 15-item self-report questionnaire that yields scores on three subscales: reduced sense of sport accomplishment; sport devaluation; and emotional/physical exhaustion.
Although AUB achieved a large exceptional gain from the sale of its ABQ stake, the main highlight of this quarter was the continuing healthy growth trend in our operating net profits which grew by 12.
At Albuquerque International Sunport (IATA: ABQ), a full-service airport in New Mexico that serves 6,000,000 visitors annually, sequestration would only shut down the overnight tower shift, says ABQ Public Relations and Marketing Manager Daniel Jiron.
JetBlue's schedule between New York and Albuquerque: JFK to ABQ: ABQ to JFK: Depart [ETH] Arrive Depart [ETH] Arrive 8:25 p.
The ABQ is a questionnaire comprising 15 items, 5 per factor, and which employs a response format in ordered categories, with five alternatives: Almost never (1), Not very often (2), Sometimes (3), Often (4) and Almost always (5).