ABRHAssociação Brasileira de Recursos Hídricos (Brazil)
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Alexander's Corporation may elect to receive $12 in cash or a combination of $3 cash and one share of ABRH Class A common stock, for each share of the Company's common stock they own, subject to proration in the event that the stock portion is over- or under-subscribed.
The integration of O'Charley's into ABRH has begun and we look forward to reporting improving margins as we move forward with our integration plans.
When issued, these ABRH shares will be listed for trading on Nasdaq, and will represent an aggregate 6% economic interest in the combined restaurant operations, including J.
ABRH has 261 restaurants in 25 states, consisting of 175 company-operated restaurants and 86 franchised restaurants, not including the Max & Erma's locations.
Steve has been extremely effective in directing Max & Erma's turnaround," said Hazem Ouf, ABRH chief executive.
ABRH has 338 restaurants in 38 states, consisting of 226 company-operated restaurants and 112 franchised restaurants.
Village Inn and Bakers Square have never shipped pies, even though loyalists have begged us to do so for years," said Hazem Ouf, ABRH president and CEO.
Ouf said Sanning's background, which includes working for a number of major restaurant chains, advertising agencies and consumer brands, made her the ideal CMO for ABRH.
Acquired last September by Denver-based ABRH, the casual dining chain, known for its fun, quirky personality, has undergone a remarkable transformation.
ABRH chose the ArrowStream OnDemand solution to eliminate manual processes, achieve streamlined and efficient order and price management processes, and deliver real-time inventory visibility.
She also has extensive experience in corporate communication and has held management positions with Servus Financial Corporation (now Wells Fargo), the National Rifle Association, The Tobacco Institute, American Express Company and ABRH Consulting.