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ABRIAngkatan Bersenjata Republik Indonesia (Indonesian Armed Forces)
ABRIArchitecture and Building Research Institute (Ministry of the Interior; Taiwan)
ABRIAgricultural Business Research Institute (Armidale, New South Wales, Australia)
ABRIAurora Biophysics Research Institute
ABRIAirborne Rocket Interceptor
ABRIAustralian Beef Research Institute
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Although Chaiwaran denied it to me, other ABRI people say he has said that Group 4s men have been trained by U.
Five days later, the ABRI intelligence unit, BIA, which is under Wiranto's daily control, picked up nine labor activists who had called for an increase in the minimum wage.
Yunus Yosfiah, one of the key men of the Wiranto faction, told students that ABRI would not "tolerate any campaigns for drastic political reform.
For four decades the ABRI has been committed to a unique "dual function" (dwi fungsi) role in which it serves to protect both internal and external security, but also to participate actively in civil administration and economic development.
Nevertheless, many close Western students of ABRI are skeptical that the distinctions are deep and believe that ABRI's top commanders are essentially united in their support for secular governance and dwi fungsi.
Australian as well as American analysts have detected growing ABRI professionalism in this sense as evidenced by the first real strategic planning for the defense of the Natuna Islands and their incorporation in the broader defense of the nation.
Benny Murdani, formerly the commander of ABRI and, until 1993, Defense Minister, told me in a telephone interview that in his day the relationship included regular consultation at senior levels and "exchange of information.
Feisal Tanjung, then the head of ABRI, famously warned dissidents that "the armed forces will not hesitate to cut to pieces all antigovernment groups," he specifically added that BAKIN would be "watching them all the time.
Secretary of Defense William Cohen arrived in Jakarta to meet with Suharto and ABRI leaders, including the commanders of the two intelligence units and Lieut.
The current planning, according to officials familiar with Pentagon, White House and State Department discussions, envisions a post-Suharto regime perhaps headed by a civilian or civilians but under which ABRI keeps its vast apparatus and "dual function" security/political role.
Indonesians know well that ABRI is the co-manager with Suharto of state repression and the author, under his command, of two of the most intensive slaughters of the postwar era (the massacre of a half-million Indonesians when Suharto and ABRI seized control starting in 1965, and the post-1975 extermination of one-third of the populace of occupied East Timor, some 200,000 people).
Since the crisis got under way last summer, senior Pentagon and service officials have flown here to meet top ABRI officers at least two or three times a month.