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Abrasive block-on-ring wear (ABRW) abrasion tests were carried out using the block-on-ring rubber wheel scheme (ASTM standard G 65-94) (Fig.
The mass loss of the specimens was determined and the wear coefficient at ABRW was calculated as
Parameters of tribological tests Type of the test Velocity, The abrasive and the Amount m/s particle size, of the mm abrasive, kg Abrasive block-on-ring wear (ABRW) 2.4 Quartz sand 0.1-0.3 1.5 Abrasive erosive wear (AEW) 80 Quartz sand 0.1-0.3 3 Abrasive impact wear (AIW) 80 Granite gravel 4-5.6 6 Table 5.