AbSDAppliance Based Software Delivery
ABSDAdvanced Base Sectional Dock
ABSDAthabaskan Brainstem Dysgenesis Syndrome
ABSDAdvanced Business Software Development (course)
ABSDAdvanced Base Supply Depot
AbSDAbductor-type Spasmodic Dysphonia (focal laryngeal dystonia)
ABSDArchitecture-Based Software Development
ABSDAnchor Bay School District (Michigan)
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AbSD successfully eliminates the costs and complexities of traditional software delivery and avoids the shortcomings of SaaS by providing a completely integrated hardware and software solution.
For end-user organizations, AbSD provides quick time-to-value through rapid deployment.
Saft ABSD continues to demonstrate itself as a leader, with the industrial capability and manufacturing expertise in place today to meet initial delivery requirements for the Army's Future Combat System, FCS, program and to handle the expansion as FCS requirements grow, thus making Saft ABSD the partner of today and the future of the United States Military.
Saft ABSD High Power Lithium ion systems are already being successfully used in United States Military air, vehicle and weapon demonstration programs.
GCB buyers are mostly buying for their own occupation and hence could be less affected by the TDSR and ABSD measures while the very limited supply of GCBs enhances their appeal as a good store of value.
Limited Tenders are invited for Condiments At Absd Guwahati For The Period 01 Oct 2015 To 30 Sep 2016
But given that it wasn't particularly effective, in January 2013, the ABSD was raised to 15 per cent for foreigners.
Parents used the ABSD to evaluate their children before and after attending camp; counselors used the OSI to evaluate campers at the beginning and end of the camp session; and on-site research assistants used the OCSM to record observations of campers during the session and to conduct interviews with counselors and parents at the close of camp.
Researchers then compared the pre and post scores to determine if camper growth had occurred in any areas of the ABSD.