ABSDActive Blind Spot Detection (vehicle software)
ABSDAnchor Bay School District (Michigan)
ABSDArchitecture-Based Software Development
ABSDAppliance Based Software Delivery
ABSDAdvanced Base Sectional Dock
ABSDAthabaskan Brainstem Dysgenesis Syndrome
ABSDAdvanced Business Software Development (course)
ABSDAdvanced Base Supply Depot
ABSDAbductor-type Spasmodic Dysphonia (focal laryngeal dystonia)
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While the ABSD may continue to deter foreign buyers to a degree, prices of Singapore residential properties are likely to remain resilient compared to other assets and continue attracting foreign high net-worth individuals seeking portfolio diversification or wealth preservation.
Although the long-term average percentage of foreigners purchasing property in Singapore as a proportion of the total is close to 9 per cent, since introducing the 20 per cent ABSD, this has fallen to about 4 per cent.
(11) Conversely, denervation surgery can provide a permanent solution for patients with AdSD (12) and for some patients with AbSD. (13) These treatment modalities are discussed below in more detail.
In AbSD, one posterior cricoarytenoid (PCA) muscle is injected with 3.75-5 MU.
In general, AdSD responds better to botulinum toxin injections than AbSD. (52) In about 30% of botulinum toxin injections, patients showed a decline in vocal function for 1-2 weeks followed by improvement until reaching a plateau.
Parents rated their children on the ABSD, an instrument that focuses on affective behaviors and covers the areas of social, communication, domestic responsibility, independence, self-esteem, and recreation interest.
Significant camper growth was found between the pre and post ABSD scores in the areas of social, communication, domestic responsibility, independence, and self-esteem.
The use of both quantitative (ABSD and OSI) and qualitative (OCSM) measures revealed that campers made notable achievements in affective and recreational/living skills as judged by impartial observers, counselors, and parents.