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ABSIAmerican Business Solutions, Inc. (various locations)
ABSIAnkle-Brachial Systolic Pressure Index
ABSIAdelphia Business Solutions (telecommunications)
ABSIAlpha Broadcast Services International (Adelaide, South Australia, Australia)
ABSIAmerican Behavioral Studies Institute (Santa Ana, CA)
ABSIA Better Solution Inc (Venice, FL)
ABSIAdvanced Building Systems Inc. (Reading, PA)
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Mr Al Absi wished the new ambassador every success in carrying out his duties so as to enhance the two kingdoms' relations and co-operation in various fields, including labour laws and anti-trafficking in persons.
The aBSI product is designed to calculate the disease burden of metastatic prostate cancer by quantifying the hotspots on whole-body bone scans and automatically generate a bone scan index, which has been validated as a prognostic imaging biomarker for survival.
Meeting Polish President Andre Doda at the Republican Palace in Warsaw , Absi called upon Poland to support the efforts which aim at lifting the unilateral coercive measures imposed on Syria which in the first place harm the Syrian people.
Armstrong, M.D., from Duke University in Durham, N.C., and colleagues conducted a prospectively defined analysis of the aBSI in a randomized clinical trial to assess the index as an independent prognostic determinant of OS.
Speaking at the 5th Africa and Middle East Congress on Addiction (AMECA) held in Hammamet, Absi pointed out that the smoking rate among women varies between 5 and 15%.
Abbas Ibrahim said "The General Directorate of Internal Forces is fighting terrorism" during an event in his honor organized by the patriarch of the Melkite Greek Catholic Church, Bishop Joussef Absi. He added that the Army is no longer on the defensive and is fighting terrorism on a monetary and ideological level, combating the sources of terrorism.
In addition to documenting the conference's past involvement with fledgling research-to-market initiatives, Absi announced a new initiative entitled "Arab innovation is back" that will rely on crowd-funding to generate venture capital from donations of as small as $5.
Al Absi is the chairman and chief executive officer of Group JWA, which is the parent company behind Rogo's.
"Housemaids or cleaners working on an hourly basis is not authorised and is illegal in Bahrain," Al Absi told MPs yesterday during discussions on runaway housemaids.
This provides stronger evidence that ABSI is a valid indicator of the risk of premature death across different populations.
Then, they compared all-cause mortality from the HALS sample with ABSI and other variables, including BMI, waist circumference, waist - hip ratio and waist - height ratio.
ABSI was defined as WC/[(BMI).sup.2/3] x [(Height).sup.1/2].