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ABSIAmerican Business Solutions, Inc. (various locations)
ABSiAdelphia Business Solutions (telecommunications)
ABSIAlpha Broadcast Services International (Adelaide, South Australia, Australia)
ABSIAmerican Behavioral Studies Institute (Santa Ana, CA)
ABSIA Better Solution Inc (Venice, FL)
ABSIAdvanced Building Systems Inc. (Reading, PA)
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Summary: Syrian Bishop Joseph Absi Wednesday was elected the new patriarch of the Melkite-Greek Catholic Church.
Al Absi said the new regulations also state a tripartite contract that has to be agreed between the employer, worker and the recruitment agency.
Al Absi said it will allow advertisers to stretch their small budgets to have a wider reach and a larger impact.
We are at this stage going ahead with mapping of different banks to know who is ready to provide us with their services and have branches in different areas to serve customers," said Mr Al Absi.
Absi explained that Zoomaal has some profiles of people interested in supporting innovation in the region.
The new service will help protect workers' human rights, prevent them from becoming victims of illegal practices and combat human trafficking, Al Absi said.
Mr Al Absi said the special forum hosted by Bahrain reflects the government's commitment to working with international partners to develop innovative solutions that address challenges and irregularities in the global labour market.
These foreign workers who mainly come from villages are convinced by the middlemen in their countries of good opportunities to make money and live a good life here," said Al Absi.
And soon the battle assumed a different form, when Imad Wakim, another potential candidate for Ashrafieh and LF advocate claimed to be liaising with current president of the club Elie Mchantaf to fund the team along with Absi and Abs.
Mr Al Absi said the first stage of enforcing the new contract will cover housemaids recruited through authorised recruitment agencies; the second stage will cover direct recruitment by the employer.
1 (BNA): Labour Market Regulatory Authority (LMRA) CEO and Head of National Committee for Combating Trafficking in Persons, Osama Abdulla Al Absi, said an agreement was reached with the National Institution for Human Rights (NIHR), permitting it to open a branch office within the Expat Protection Centre and Shelter, which is considered to be the first comprehensive centre to provide preventative and guidance services for expatriate workers.