ABSNAdoptee-Birthparent Support Network (Alexandria, VA)
ABSNAncient Baybayin Scripts Network
ABSNAboriginal Business Service Network (Canada)
ABSNAlaska Building Science Network (Anchorage, AK)
ABSNAccelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing (various universities; degree program)
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We are pleased that ABSN will continue to provide information and services to Aboriginal entrepreneurs in Saskatchewan," said Bill Hogan, manager of Visions North Community Futures.
Working with the Canada/Saskatchewan Business Service Centre, we have been successful in developing strong partnerships across the province and are beginning to realize the benefits of ABSN in our Aboriginal communities.
The NALC program was implemented to address the attrition rate for minority nursing students; however, the program was offered to all students who were offered admission to the ABSN program.
Administrative data from the university's central enrollment office were obtained for all students who enrolled in the ABSN program during the period April 2010 through September 2011.
The TEAS test, developed by Assessment Technologies Institute (ATI), was administered to all students offered admission to the ABSN program.
Applicants for both the ABSN and traditional program completed 66 hours of prerequisite courses with a minimum GPA of 3.
The only unique prerequisite for the ABSN students was a bachelor's degree without a required minimum GPA.
The stated purpose of the study was to compare outcomes between graduates of traditional BSN programs with graduates of ABSN programs.
Further research should also try to answer the question about whether graduate schools should use the same GPA requirements for admittance for both traditional and ABSN students.
Using a primarily traditional classroom format, this 12-month ABSN program was offered in an upper-Midwest comprehensive public university with 11,000 students.
This project offers a foundation for future educational research with ABSN students in multiple settings and with larger, more diverse student groups to enhance generalizability.