ABSPAssociation of British Scrabble Players
ABSPAgricultural Biotechnology Support Project
ABSPAmerican Business School Paris (Paris, France)
ABSPAgricultural Biotechnology for Sustainable Productivity
ABSPArab Ba'ath Socialist Party
ABSPAndrew Broadcast System Planner
ABSPAsian Business Studies Program
ABSPAssociation Belge de Science Politique
ABSPAmerican Board of Sport Psychology
ABSPAmerican Board of School Psychology
ABSPl'Association Burkinabé de Santé Publique
ABSPAssociation for Baha'i Studies In Persian
ABSPAdvanced Brain Signal Processing
ABSPApplied Behavior Science Press
ABSPSchool of Accountancy, Business, Secretarial, and Public Administration (Centro Escolar University)
ABSPAlternative Birthing Services Program
ABSPAquatic Bioassessment Study Plan
ABSPDas Arten- und Botopschutzprogramm
ABSPAir Brake System Parts
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Following the cancellation of the two events, the ABSP is currently awaiting authorities' response to a third request it made to organize a political rally in the suburb of Ombadda in the twin city of Omdurman.
Pretest and posttest ANOVA results for the ABSP (American Back School Posttest) and BMEC (Body Mechanics evaluation Checklist); * ABSP=([F.
Todo partido, comprendido el ABSP, es una minoria con respecto a la poblacion .
Samir Al-Khalil points out that: Saddam is the president of the republic, chairman of the council of ministers, commander-in-chief of the armed forces, chairman of the revolutionary command council, general secretary of the regional command of the ABSP, chairman of the supreme planning council, chairman of the committee on agreements, chairman of the supreme agriculture council and chairman of the supreme council for the compulsory eradication of illiteracy, among other things.