ABSRAlgal-Bacterial Selenium Removal (facility; California)
ABSRApplied Behavioral Science Review (journal; Elsevier, Inc.)
ABSRAuditory Brain Stem Response
ABSRAutonomous System Boundary Router
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During the period Smith Electric Vehicles completed the acquisition of small Colorado-based consultancy firm American Business Services, Inc (ABSR), an OTCBB company, by acquiring 85% of the common stock of ABSR.
On the closing of this funding round Smith then intends to complete the merger with ABSR and become a publicly traded company on the OTCBB.
Smith then intends to apply for a Listing on NYSE or NASDAQ, and expects to have tradable NYSE or NASDAQ listed stock in ABSR after 180 day lock in expires from the date that Smith becomes a publicly traded company on the OTCBB.