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ABSURDAirborne/Shipboard Universal Recovery Device
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Of course it was much easier for Frenchmen to do these things; the language was such an aid; Philip could never help feeling that to say passionate things in English sounded a little absurd. He wished now that he had never undertaken the siege of Miss Wilkinson's virtue; the first fortnight had been so jolly, and now he was wretched; but he was determined not to give in, he would never respect himself again if he did, and he made up his mind irrevocably that the next night he would kiss her without fail.
Mr Trump announced his decision by tweet after the Danish prime minister dismissed the notion of selling the semi-autonomous territory to the US as "an absurd discussion".
"It's an absurd prejudice that quite a few Scots still suffer from."
This is absurd, because only the Albanians are 20%, while the other communities are 2 or 3 percent.
Summers called the results of the most recent Federal Reserve stress tests as 'comically absurd' and called on regulators to boost capital at financial institutions.
Now intu has confirmed that Absurd Bird had decided "not to take forward" the opening, but that they were in talks with "other" brands about the few empty units left.
Absurd Bird, owned by Splendid Restaurants Ltd, serves up food and drink inspired by the southern US states, with a brand look which has been built up around a story of two "unruly birds" which have escaped London and fled "deeper south".
'Kashmiris have not sacrificed thousands of lives for a so-called fragile, absurd and ridiculous autonomy under which a prime minster of time who luckily was Farooq Abdullah's own father was handcuffed by an ordinary police man and thrown into jail for 11 long years.' He asked former Farooq Abdullah to shun political buffoonery and assume some seriousness.
It is totally absurd,' Trillanes said in a statement.
Certainly if you are doing the same job it seems a bit absurd if you're not paid the same."
Labour MP Khalid Mahmood said: "This is absurd. You would think using names and pictures might help catch them."
"Triumph of the Absurd" is his memoir in which he now tells the story of how he fell in love with the Vietnamese people.