ABT1Activator of Basal Transcription 1
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1: el ADN (5 [micron]L) fue agregado a la mezcla de reaccion constituida por buffer 10x (Invitrogen); 1,5 nM MgCl (Invitrogen); 0,2 nM DNTP's (Applied Biosystems); 1 [micron]M de cada primers G1(aBT1), G3(aET3), G4(aDT4), G8(aAT8) y el comun RVG9 (25, 26); 5U de la enzima Tag ADN polimerasa (Invitrogen) y agua libre de RNAsa (GIBCO) hasta completar un volumen final de 50 [micron]L.
On the other hand, repressed genes in malignant tumors correspond to: STK19, a Ser/Thr nuclear protein kinase; ABT1, a transcription co-activator; and CTBP2, a transcriptional repressor which acts as a tumor suppressor and plays an important role in oncogenesis (Chinnadurai, 2002).
Consensus primers Beg9 and End9 were used in a first-round PCR (30 cycles) to amplify the full-length VP7 gene (1,062 bp); cDNA was used in a second-round PCR for G typing (25 cycles) with primer set aBT1 (G1), aCT2 (G2), aET3 (G3), aDT4 (G4), aFT9 (G9) and primer set FT5 (G5), DT6 (G6), HT8 (G8), ET10 (G10), BT11 (G11) (18,19).