ABTFAutomotive Business Task Force
ABTFAirborne Task Force
ABTFAnti-Bias Task Force
ABTFAsker Og Bærum Tamilske Forening (Norwegian: Asker And Bærum Tamil Association)
ABTFAbsorber and Breeder Element Test Facility
ABTFAlga Bloom Task Force
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ABTF = 10 [log.sub.10] [P.sub.specimen](f) - 10 [log.sub.10] [P.sub.reference](f) (1)
AIB, determined by integrating the curve of ABTF (Equation 2), expresses the average value of apparent backscattering in the frequency range of interest, while FSAB, the slope of the linear regression line obtained from the curve ABTF vs frequency, is the fraction of apparent backscattering corresponding to each frequency.
Prince Alwaleed, through ABTF, has donated to many philanthropic projects globally, including a recent announcement of his readiness to donate over 100 housing units to be built at a total of SR5 million to victims of rundown slum areas in Cairo, a $235,282 donation to an Oxfam project - Increase Market Access for Women in Senegal, a donation of over $3 million to the Darfur region of Sudan and $356,500 to the Deworm the World Initiative.
In 1992, the Agents' Coalition was formed to work with the Insurance Companies Committee's Insurance Agents and Brokers Task Force (ABTF) to address and resolve the foregoing concerns and to clarify the wording in the exposure draft.
During 1994-1996 an ongoing attempt was made to address the concerns of the ABTF, but a consensus was never reached.