ABTIAlpha-Beta Technology Inc.
ABTIAdvanced Bioethanol Technologies, Inc. (Xethanol Corporation)
ABTIAliansi Bhinneka Tunggal Ika (Indonesian: Alliance of Unity in Diversity)
ABTIAssociation of Baton Twirling in Ireland (est. 1992)
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The results of this current meta-analysis demonstrate that doripenem is as effective as comparators for bacterial infections, including cIAI, cUTI, aBTI and NP.
Teismu praktikoje laikoma, kad viesasis interesas, taikant ABTI, paprastai turetu buti suvokiamas kaip tai, kas objektyviai yra reiksminga, reikalinga, vertinga visuomenei ar jos daliai, o asmens teise ginti viesaji interesa administraciniu bylu teisenoje apibreziama kaip istatymu numatytu asmenu teise, istatymo numatytais atvejais, kreiptis i administracini teisma ginant tai, kas objektyviai yra reiksminga, reikalinga, vertinga visuomenei ar jos daliai.
"Not many people think they could work in the industry," said Carol Beaulieu, program coordinator for ABTI. "It seems so foreign...
In elucidating Avicenna's reaction to Abu l-Qasim, Michot has identified and translated passages in Kitab al-Jadal and al-Madkhal of the [Shifa.sup.[contains]] (respectively, 42*-47* and 69*-72*) in which Avicenna may obliquely be taking aim at Abti 'I-Qasim, At the very least, it is clear that Avicenna regularly reiterates his commitment to t he correct deployment of logic not only for particular philosophical questions, but more significantly as the means to ultimate eternal happiness ([sa.sup.[subset]] ada).
For her part, chairman of the Abraaj Capital Prize Safina Abti said the opening of the center is set to become, in the coming years, a source of inspiration and a destination for artists
UAE-based multinational group Mulk Holding's subsidiary American Building Technologies (ABTI) has successfully tested an innovative solar collector panel known as Alubond Solar Collector Panel (SCP).
He wants to deny, for example, any intrinsic organic link between what he calls the earlier "Revolt in the East," primarily the various Qarmatian movements, and the later "Revolution in the West' which is that of Abti [Abdallah.sup.[subset]] al-[Shi.sup.[subset]]i in the Maghrib.
The [Shafi.sup.[subset]]ite jurist Abti Mansur Muhammad b.
Esin errs at least once in her dense series of references; the passage in Abti [Ja.sup.[supset]]far al-Tabari, [Ta.sup.[supset]]rikh al-rusul wa-l-muluk (Annales), ed.
Concerning seventy-three percent of the men rated, Abu Hatim is quoted; concerning thirty-eight percent, usually but not always alongside Abu Hatim, Yahya ibn Ma [in.sup.[subset]]; concerning twenty-two percent, Ahmad iba Hanbal; and concerning nineteen percent, Abti Zur [ah.sup.[subset]].
De Goeje, who had in front of him Lees' edition only, argued that Azdi never existed, that his name was a corruption of the name of the famous traditionist Abti [[blank].sup.[subset]]Abd Allah Muhammad ibn [Isma.sup.[subset]]il al-Bukhari (d.