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ABTSAmerican Board of Thoracic Surgery
ABTS2, 2'-Azino-Bis-3-Ethylbenzothiazoline-6-Sulfonic Acid (biochemical reagent)
ABTSASCII Block Terminal Services
ABTSArbin Battery Test System
ABTSAbusive Tax Shelter
ABTSAllied Biztech Solutions (India)
ABTSAdvanced Business Technology Services (Edwardsville, IL)
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edulis) showed highest peroxyl radical scavenging and singlet oxygen quenching activity, while these extracts also showed considerable activity against ABTS and hydroxyl radicals [71].
The antioxidant capacity of test samples was expressed as EC50, the concentration necessary for 50% reduction of ABTS.
08 (a) meat Treatments ABTS activity (% activity) Before cooking After cooking Control 36.
An exposure of HEE with nonbiologically generated free radicals DPPH and ABTS, which are synthetic radicals commonly used to evaluate the scavenging activity of plant extract, has shown a scavenging activity on DPPH and ABTS radicals (Figure 1).
In terms of the ABTS free-radical scavenging capacity (%) of EPS, 6% glucose exhibited the greatest enhancing effect at high concentration of EPS (20 mg/mL), followed by 2% OPFP, no supplementation, and 2% TFP, with ABTS scavenging capacities (%) of 85.
The blank was prepared by adding ABTS to equal volume (as the enzyme) of distilled water and subjected to same condition as the experimental.
50], mediante la tecnica de DPPH tuvo un valor de 145 [+ o -] 2,5 [micron]g/mL y mediante la tecnica de ABTS 1,49 [+ o -] 0,047 mg/mL, observandose una mejor capacidad antioxidante con el metodo que se basa en la estabilidad del radical 1,1-difenil-2-picrilhidrazil frente al radical cationico de [ABTS.
The principle of this method is based on the reduction of ABTS (ABTS-2,2'-azino-di-[3-ethylbenzthiazoline sulphonate]) radical cation by antioxidants present in a sample and inhibition of solution darkening.
ABTS scavenging ability reported as trolox equivalent antioxidant capacity (TEAC) of the pawpaw seed of freshly harvested pawpaw fruit and stored pawpaw fruit is presented in Table 2.