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ABUKAbou Kir Fertilizers (stock symbol)
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The Abuk Lion had radioed for help at around 3pm on Sunday after its main engine failed.
Testimony from some of the young women returnees, Ayok Kuac Dut and Abuk Deng Garang was supportive of the genera l observations that the Arab slavers would usually kill men and enslave women and children.
The Abuk Lion, a bulk carrier registered to Bermuda, was travelling from Aughinish to St Petersburg in Russia when it ran into trouble.
Abuk Bak, a native of Southern Sudan, was ten when government militiamen abducted her during a slave raid in 1986.
This is part of our search for identity," said Abuk.
Women are good peacemakers," said Abuk Aluong who worked as director of gender in the ministry of gender, child and social welfare.
Santino Makuoc Akol was named head of finance committee with Ayak Athian becoming the deputy secretary for finance as Samuel Awer Garang take charge of secretariat responsible for social welfare with James Yel Kuol Akol becoming the secretary of health affairs and Abuk Garang Bak named deputy secretary for health.
Abuk Ayiik, the boy's mother, said the current crisis in the country was a chance to better education "if one has the ability to move up to Kenya or Uganda camps".
A Battalion in SPLM/A sings "shall abuk wediuo talaga" in Arabic being translated as shoot even your father.
Abuk papiti, as a chairperson of the Vetting Committee for National Cabinet Ministers, has written a legacy that will live on for ages.
He also lauded the vetting committee, particularly its chairperson, Abuk Papiti and the assembly members in general for their role in the conducting their constitutional mandate.
The president was reacting to claims that the chairperson of the committee, Abuk Payiti, a quiet but conservative lawmaker, held grudges against Justice minister designate, Telar Ring Deng and his deputy information and broadcasting counterpart, Rachael Nyadak Paul.