ABVNauricular branch of the vagus nerve
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With regard to the anatomical perspective, the cavum is innervated by both the ABVN and GAN, whereas the ear lobule, which has been frequently used as a sham stimulation site in many tVNS studies, is innervated by GAN alone.
[29] have established the ratio of A[beta] axons (measuring [greater than or equal to] 7 [micro]m which can be regarded as myelinated nerve fibers and are those activated by direct vagus nerve stimulation [30]) with respect to the total number of fibers in the ABVN and cervical vagus nerves obtaining values of ~1:5 and 1:6 on the left and right side, respectively.
Anatomical studies in humans have established the complexity of the innervation in outer ear zones throughout branches of ABVN, auriculotemporal nerve, and glossopharyngeal, facial, and cervical nerves [22-27].
Then, crosslinker BIS (0.254 mmol) and initiator ABVN (12.68 [micro]mol) were added and the mixture was fully deoxygenated by nitrogen purging for 10 min.
MIPs Template Monomers Crosslinker (mmol) (mmol) (mmol) A Glucose 4-EPBA (0.7) + AM BIS (0.0162) (0.7) (1.4) + HEMA (1.4) B Glucose 4-EPBA (0.17) + NIPA BIS (0.254) (0.17) (1.5) + HEMA (1.5) C Glucose 4-EPBA (0.17) + BIS (0.317) (0.17) HEMA (1.5) MIPs Template Initiator Solvent Polymerization (mmol) (mmol) (mL) A Glucose DEAP (0.05) Acetonitrile UV irradiation (0.7) (2) 4[degrees]C B Glucose ABVN (0.01) DMSO (1) 60[degrees]C (0.17) C Glucose DEAP (0.5) Acetonitrile UV irradiation (0.17) (3) 4[degrees]C