ABVSAutomated Best Value System (DLA vendor past performance data scoring program)
ABVSAudit Bureau of Verification Services
ABVSAICPA (American Institute of Certified Public Accountants) Business Valuation Standards
ABVSAmerican Board of Veterinary Specialties
ABVSAdvanced Broadcast Video Service
ABVSArgyle & Bainbridge Veterinary Surgeons
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For details about ABVS and its services, go to www.
Another important feature with ABVS is the additional coronal view.
Further, the ACUSON S2000 ABVS system takes operator dependence and variability out of breast ultrasound, with automated breast volume scanning.
ABVS provides the audited data required to let advertisers compare web sites in the same way as they compare print publications, an essential element for making media buying decisions.
The combination of Interse' market focus and ABVS auditing provides advertisers and agencies with a powerful solution for making informed web site buying decisions based upon reliable information.
According to the terms of this agreement, ABVS will create a customized auditing system to verify the statistics reported to PointCast advertisers by this new ad broadcast system.
Today, PointCast signed an agreement with ABVS to develop this new system.