ABWAAmerican Business Women's Association
ABWAAssociation of Accountancy Bodies in West Africa (est. 1982; Nigeria)
ABWAAmerican Bottled Water Association
ABWAAssociation for the Blind of Western Australia
ABWAAustralian Baptist World Aid
ABWAAlabama Blue Water Adventures (underwater diving)
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CAOM, AP, carton 3505, dossier 1, 2, 4, lettre no91/CF/CT du 26 fevrier 1952, Cite par Abwa, Commissaires et Hauts Commissaires, p.
Previous member of the American Business Women's Association and named ABWA Woman of the Year
We're looking forward to our partnership with such a fine organization as the ABWA, and the success it will bring to the association's membership.
Marge was a retired Real Estate Agent and longtime member of the ABWA in Titusville.
com/reports/c20077) has announced the addition of ABWA Asia/Middle East Bottled Water Market 2005 to their offering
Gerstner was selected as one of the ABWA Plano Charter Chapter's Women of the Year along with fellow ABWA member Jean Rankin for their consistent support of the chapter.
Members of the American Business Women's Association (ABWA) may now support the organization by using the new ABWA affinity credit card, created in partnership with U.
SMITH is providing ABWA with a unique, integrated approach to branding, strategic planning, creative, social media marketing, and public relations to successfully promote ABWA's upcoming event and longtime organization and brand awareness.
com)-- The American Business Women's Association (ABWA) announced that it has set out on its search for Sarasota, Florida's Social Butterflies to be part of their ABWA Sunrise Chapter's 17th Annual Runway Party that will be held April 30, 2011.
com)-- The American Business Women's Association (ABWA) announced today it is seeking local artists from the Sarasota area to contribute and showcase their talent by participating in the ABWA Sunrise Chapter's 17th Annual Runway Party to be held April 30, 2011.
180)- Jewelmed: comparative analysis of manufacturing technologies in goldsmithing and silversmithing from the VII to the I century BC in the Mediterranean area (584,480)- Chime: conservation of historical Mediterranean sites by innovative seismic-protection (685,000)- Hortimed: sustainable water use in Mediterranean horticulture (950,000)- Coretech: development of cost-effective reclamation technologies or domestic waste water and the appropriate agricultural use of the treated effluent under semi-arid climate conditions (895,050)- Wam-me: water resources management under drought conditions (880,520)- Abwas 2: photoelectrochimical purification of water (770,000).