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ABWEAllocated Baseline Weight Estimate
ABWEAlaska Bureau of Wildlife Enforcement (Alaskan fish and game protection agency; various locations)
ABWEAssociation of Baptist for World Evangelization (ministry; Harrisburg, PA)
ABWEAssociation of Black Women Entrepreneurs (Los Angeles, CA)
ABWEAssociation of Baptists for World Evangelism
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Widely separated chimp populations may have independently invented the nut-cracking technique, Morgan and Abwe suggest.
Shortly after the incident, upon the advice of counsel, ABWE and the injured families approached the U.
government from responsibility for any payment for losses to our organization, ABWE has chosen to grant a release.
The shoot down caused disruption of ABWE missionary work to the people of Peru and limited resources had to be used to cope with the aftermath of this tragedy.
They have agreed to replace our aircraft, and to pay Kevin Donaldson's medical costs and some of the travel and funeral costs incurred by ABWE and the families.